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Post Surgery check in

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Thank you all for your inputs to my pre surgery questions.

My surgery went well by all accounts, coming up on 2 weeks post surgery and so far no issues.

Came home early on day 4 post surgery.

Pain is very manageable, getting the hang of the bag, learning to eat more than I ever have and actually chew my food.  Not loving the post surgery daily shots, but they are temporary so I will deal with them.

Biggest challenge is not sitting down.  My surgeon told me that if the perineum does not heal well / if there are issues then it can be difficult to repair so I am following his instructions to a tee.

Waking daily and doing light chores is keeping me from sleeping all day.

Had a close call with Covid on the recovery floor of the hospital.

Fortunately my medical team all tested negative and I did not catch it, can not even imagine what that would have been like.

One thing I recommend if you have the surgery on your perineum, they have an inflatable mattress pad with baffles for the bed in the hospital but you have to ask for it. 

What a huge difference it made, and I brought it and an inflatable pillow also with baffles home.  It enables me to sleep on my back which for me is huge.

Also there was at my hospital and I would guess most hospitals in the states a Social Care person who came to make sure I have all the support I needed. 

She made sure I was discharged early in the morning and arrange the taxi I required for the first leg of my trip home. 

These people can be very helpful so don't hesitate to ask about them if you need help with something.

Have a good day.

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Hi and it’s really great to hear all has went well. As part of this forum please don’t hesitate to ask questions. Best wishes for a speedy recovery 👍👍

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Wonderful progress! Thank you for sharing! 

I did buy a gel padded seat cushion for my car seat pretty much because of my surgery and still use it to this day! Helps a lot

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