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Bag filters  


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October 6, 2020 4:19 pm  

Does the little square at the top of holister bags (the filter) need a sticker placed over it like coloplast blue stickers, before taking a shower?

Coloplast suggest using the sticker over the filters during shower because the water can clog the filter faster, leading to more gas and smell issues, do you think the reason I’m having problems with odor after a couple of days is because the Holister filter has been corrupt from water?

I rinse the inside of my bags each morning, do you think this also might be corrupting the filter?

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October 6, 2020 5:20 pm  
Posted by: @rick

Does the little square at the top of holister bags (the filter) need a sticker placed over it like coloplast blue stickers, before taking a shower?

Technically no, because the membrane used to protect the filter is water resistant, but will allow gas to pass through. Practically, though, they still get clogged. I haven't had issues with showers damaging the Hollister filter, but if you swim or spend a lot of time in the water then it wouldn't hurt to cover it with a non-porous sticker. 

Some brands have filters that will absorb water quite easily, so they include stickers to put on the filter. 

Rinsing can impact the filter, but probably no more than the output that's already in contact with it. 

Unfortunately, trying to get these filters to last longer than 24-48 hours is often a frustrating and futile endeavor. It's easier to replace the bag when the filter gets clogged. 

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October 6, 2020 6:35 pm  

Hi Rick,

The other option is to buy the bags without filters and install the osto EZ vent.

Thats what I ended up doing.  Amazon has them. Extra cost and time though.

I use Hollister and I swim. When I started getting longer wear times out of my appliance ( I think I got better at the whole thing), I found that the Hollister bags ( the brand I have always used) began to leak from the inside OUT through the filter. No bueno.

Good luck.

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October 6, 2020 7:45 pm  

Hi Rick...I use the same pouch & find they leak just as Dona says, and I've  never had the shower or bath cause issues but built up moisture does  clog the vent. When it leaks from the inside I put a piece of scotch tape over it.

For extra filter time I take a square of tissue & fold it over the filter on both sides of the pouch ,  grab onto the pouch with your right hand & with the left, covering the filter & tissue with your left index finger & thumb, squeeze it tight  & slide from right to left. Doing this a few times gets me a day or more out if the filter by removing that moisture. 

The best bet is the Osto EZ Vents! I love them! Also, are you using the liquid deoderant at all?

Hollister makes bottle of  M9 liquid deoderant (its blue liquid)  and an Adapt lubricating deoderant, gel like fluid in little packets. The gel is great for thicker output.  They will send you a samples.  Also ask for a sample of there Odour Eliminator room spray as well.  It works great & is portable. 

If you decide on the Osto EZ  Vents, Glenn has wonderful time & energy saving tips for installing them. I just tried his tips recently & am thrilled with the little effort it took to put them on the pouch verses what the company suggests!