Product Description

Medical adhesives are used to help secure an ostomy wafer to skin. For ostomy wafers that have adhesive already on them (most of them), adding medical adhesive can help to create a stronger bond to skin.

How This Product Is typically Sold

I’ve seen adhesives sold in several forms: as a skin bonding cement, as a spray, in the form of wipes and a sticky liquid that I’ll refer to as “syrup”. The latter two are not what I’d consider to be true adhesives, as they are only meant to give your skin/wafer more “tackyness”.

Torbot Skin Tac Wipes

The Skin Tac wipes from Torbot are an adhesive barrier wipe.

Hollister Medical Adhesive Spray 7730

Hollister Medical Adhesive Spray 7730

Pricing will vary on adhesives, depending on the form you’re using, but most forms can be purchased for under $40, which should get you more than a months worth of the product.  Because the quantity of sprays, bonding cement, and liquids can be controlled, these should give you the best value, however, they are far less convenient compared to using wipes.

How to Use This Product

Depending on the type of product used, you would either apply it directly to your skin (wipes and “syrup”) or to your wafer (skin bonding cement and sprays).  As with any adhesive, you might find that using an adhesive remover will help to get your appliance off without damaging our skin.

The durability of each product may vary, and some adhesives may break down in a few days, while other could bond for a week or more (assuming your wafer hasn’t already broken down!).


  • If you decide to try one of these products, test a small amount on your skin to make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction to them; many people find adhesives (including the ones on wafers) can cause skin sensitivities.
  • The only samples you may be able to find are products that come as wipes.
  • Keep your adhesive products sealed well in their containers/jars; these can dry out and become useless.


I haven’t been able to find many details on the ingredients contained in these products, but I will add any that have been confirmed on my vegan/non-vegan ostomy supplies list HERE.