Ostomy Accessories Guide: New Series Introduction!

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After nearly two years of planning, I’m finally (finally!!) able to introduce my new ostomy education series: Ostomy Accessories Guide.


Guide to Ostomy Accessories: Series Introduction!
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In this series, I’ll be covering some of the most common accessories available for ostomates, including:

Each article will explain what the accessory does, who might want to use them, how they are sold (and whether insurance covers them), as well as some additional tricks I’ve found by using these products.

Of course, just like with my Mini Guide to Ostomy Supplies series, I will have a video with each article :)

I plan to release all of the videos over the next 3-4 months, so either SUBSCRIBE to the VeganOstomy newsletter or my YouTube channel to know when the next video in the series is available!

UPDATE (Oct 31, 2017): All articles are now available!

2 thoughts on “Ostomy Accessories Guide: New Series Introduction!”

  1. Stoma guard now has a wider belt that is far better than the one shown in your pictures. Maybe no one took the time to inform you that the new belt is available. Enjoy all your good work to inform felow stoma folks.

    • Hi Richard,

      If you are referring to the Stomashield, then yes, I’m well aware of the new design (have been using the new one for a few months now). I haven’t updated my photos yet.

      Thanks for keeping an eye out! If you find any other updated products, please let me know.



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