VeganOstomy’s 3rd Blogiversary! (Send Me Your Questions!)

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Wow, has it really been three years since I wrote my first blog post introducing the world to this site?

August 7th, 2013 is when I started this blog, and I have no plans to slow down anytime soon!


VeganOstomy turns three! (I need your questions)
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Because hearing other people’s stories helped me to accept my own surgery, I decided to share my experiences as an ostomate as a way of giving back.

Through the years, my motivation to help others have grown stronger than ever, and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity and support to do it.

You guys have emailed me your own stories, your own struggles, your praise, and your questions.

I enjoy receiving and replying to them all!

Of course, I started blogging a few weeks before my ostomy surgery, so to celebrate my upcoming “Stomaversary” I’m asking you to send me your questions.

I’ll be answering your questions through a video response and share it on my Stomaversary, which is August 21st.

So go ahead and ask about my ostomy life, products I use, my diet, even request a topic you’d like me to cover!

You can leave your questions in the comment section, or through my contact me page.

Looking forward to it!

Oh, and to keep the tradition going, here are my top ten posts this past year:

  1. Dressing with an ostomy: A clothing guide for men. (w/ video) (1st last year, too)
  2. Dealing with Ostomy Pouch Odors – Ostomy Tips (W/ Video)
  3. Ostomy Appliance Won’t Stick? Here Are Some Tips (W/ Video)
  4. Dealing with Ostomy Leaks – Ostomy Tips (W/ Video)
  5. Ostomy Diet: What to Eat in the First Six Weeks (W/ Video)
  6. Dressing with an Ostomy: a Clothing Guide for Women
  7. A Mini Guide to Ostomy Supplies: Stoma Powder (W/ Video)
  8. Healing the Skin Around the Stoma – Ostomy Tips (W/ Video)
  9. Stealth Belt – Review (still the most popular review three years in a row)
  10. The Stuff You Don’t Hear About Ibd (WARNING: graphic content)

And my top five videos (on YouTube):

  1. Ostomy care: Healing the Skin around the Stoma
  2. Ostomy clothing guide for men
  3. Coloplast Sensura Mio #10471 ostomy bag: Product overview
  4. Hollister New Image ostomy system overview
  5. How to Change an ostomy bag: Ostomy Care Tips

While I love doing product reviews, I’m really glad to see that people have been coming to the site and watching videos on how to care for their stoma.

I’m certainly looking forward to the next many years of blogging :)

Be well,


41 thoughts on “VeganOstomy’s 3rd Blogiversary! (Send Me Your Questions!)”

  1. G-Day Eric,
    I am going to have my J-Pouch removed and going back to a stoma. I have a feeling that your web site as closed as most of the ones I see are 2 or 3 years old. I really hope you start them again as you are the best on giving the right information. If you are still going what is your contact details please.
    Keith Hindley ( Australia )

    • Hi Keith, thanks for writing. Are there any topics that are not currently on the website that you’d like to see? I’ve unfortunately haven’t had much time to create new content and I’m currently nursing a broken shoulder, but I do hope to create new content when more time becomes available. In the meantime you’re more than welcome to join our forum, and you’re welcome to ask any questions you’d like that may not already be addressed on the website.

  2. Hi Eric….I’m still trying to find information about the owner manufacturer of Ostomy Amigo……if you know of anyway or anyone that may know who is the owner…… I’ve been searching to no avail of a few weeks now…

      • How is it rude to keep asking……I know the business closed that’s why I’m searching for information….and maybe the owmer does want to be contacted…….I’m hoping to make this product available again

        • It’s rude because you’ve asked me five times and received the same answer. I wish I could help, but it’s just not information I have.

          If they still have social media accounts, I suggest trying through there. If they don’t reply, assume they don’t want to be contacted.

          This was a great product and I’m sure if you come up with something similar, people may like it. Good luck, however you decide to proceed.

  3. Hi Eric, Wonderful thing you are doing and created!! Wonderful!!
    Question, If there is air/gas in pouch, does this equal to/with the so
    called “fill” time to empty? as the out put is the same as gas?
    Measurements? Make a leak like a full liquid?
    I know no one wants to walk around with a “puff”- but will I get a leak?
    Thanks Marcie..

  4. Thank you Eric for getting back to my question so fast . I did see your video and article and it was very helpful . I just watched your video about the gel packs . I am currently trying the Par-Sorb do you have any experience with that one ? It does turn things black but does seem to work well although I don’t use it every time I empty I’m still just trying it out . But I have another question for you about lubricants . I am currently using Adapt lubricant from Hollister but I add baby oil to it I got that from a home remedy site stretches out my lubricant and works pretty good . So my question is what do you think about using the baby oil combination mixed with Adapt lubricant or any other lubricant brand ? And I do use it when I use the Par-Sorb also everything so far empties pretty smoothly . What are your thoughts ? I’ve been using the Par-Sorb for about 3 weeks off and on but I’ve been doing the baby oil for a couple months .
    Thanks again

  5. Good Morning Eric
    I am almost 1 year to the day of having Ileostomy surgery . I am eating pretty much what ever I want so far with no problems . But I do have to empty 6 or 8 times (depending) in a 24 hour period . So my question for you is . Is that to often ? Or what would be an average amount of times to empty ? I know it probably depends on how much you eat but I don’t eat a whole lot during the day and have actually cut down on dinner from what I would eat before surgery .
    BTW I have watched quite a few of your videos and found them very helpful since my surgery . Thank you for those .

    • Robert. 6-8 times is very nice!! That is the normal from what my Dr. told me. Your doing well !!! I was up to 20 times a day yes twenty times-and still some of the time.. and I am 3 years..But, I have a very high out put. Be happy with this!! Take care of yourself now!! Keep reading these informative avenues on this blog.
      We are all a new normal life.. Our own club!! Nice huh? Marcie.

      • Hi Marcie Thank you for the support  . Things are a little different now depending on the day 6 or 8 times is a really  good day if I don’t eat . Lol .  Probably 10 + in a 24 hour period is actually more how it is now . But hey its better than 15+ times a day with pain and urgency .

        • Robert, You have to eat!! Most new ostomates don’t because they don’t want to empty–and the list of foods that they give us NOT to eat we get scared.. then we become malnutrition. I did.. but that also came with my other issues- If I drink water? it goes into my pouch within 5 or less minutes. So I have MANY other issues.. Stay away from corn!! chew your salads well, just chew everything well. Sugars not good, but if you read these blogs, go half with water. I have a great support Group also-And this is a new find for me and it is GREAT !! We are our won wonderful people huh? Good ‘ol Eric!! ——–ilesomacy? IT KEEPS ON GOING IF U EAT OR DRINK OR NOT.. SO if you DONT eat or drink, your dehydrating..and still filling your pouch-taking away the good that your body needs.. DONT DO THAT!!! And don’t gulp fluids.. I eat more than my sons do and I loose so much weight-even having 12-14 pounds of fluids with I.V. pumped into me every week for 3 years now, and still loose weight. Ido have problems.. But, if u feel light headed, weak, heart pounding? go to E.R. Many do and they are not like me.. But I am the E.R.’s mascot.. …… It happens– Just like what goes into our pouch– Have fun buddy !!! Marcie…

        • Soooooooooooo Much to learn!! And keep on learning. By the way, I eat steaks, pork chops, (not as much as I did before) Chinese food, pizza, fruits, if u chop up fruits small you can handle the inner linings like oranges, apples pealed- common since my dear. build it up slowly– Mostly WE have to graze eat = small grouping at a time. The beer/sodas will get you tho– that is a gas drink-but if your going to be around the house? treat yourself.. Where do u live Robert? I can find a support group for you. Did you know that OCTOBER is Ostomy Month??? Yup- the 4-5th is the proper day.. So, celebrate!! Marcie.

        • Marcie  I do have a a couple beers at home and when we are with our trailer so I have my bathroom . Lol . Food wise yes I eat pretty much everything I want I even like hot foods . It may all affect me in a way but it’s what I eat . I do eat meat n potatoes a lot not much vegetables  . Yes I know about October n ostomy awareness  . I am in So. CAl . There is a support group here I have been . But now I do Eric’s  group vegan ostomy works good for me .

        • Yes. Eric’s group has helped me.. Better than the hospital and the Dr. office that did this surgery!! What a wonderful idea he had!! This is such a personal subject and I feel that we all are one!! Are u in the U.S.A.??? I am in New England-Ct. I go to my support group sometimes. As there are people that I can go out with and learn not to be afraid of my condition. Thursday I will go to lunch with my president of this group she also was my visitor-came to my house-what a blessing she was!! I was so sick-comma for 2 months-died-had to learn how to walk-lived at the icu and ccu- A million vacation.. .. Caught me by surprise, didn’t even know that I was sick.. My husband suffered the most I think as they said that I would not make it.. But, I was in the comma, and not with it for many months. Then the surgery.. I was a mess. How did your care givers (family) handle your ordeal?

        • Hey Robert, how about the October Feast in Germany? I have been there! Great!! Maybe we can celebrate October Ostomcy and the October feast over there?? The only thing is that they charge u for toile paper and u only get one VERY thin piece!! And trust me, that is a long line… But my traveling days are over with, as I am dehydrated-I go for infusions 3 times a week.=12-14 pounds of fluids pumped into my power port for my organs. Soooooooo refreshing!! bla!!! I got hit hard with my ileostomy – I was so sick !! Didn’t ever know that I was sick-just passed out with pain- spend 5 months in ICU & CCU 2months comma, death, (heaven is so nice). Special breathing units, then nursing home to learn how to walk etc. for 2 more months.. My million VACATION !!!!!!!! The dreams were not sweet either– except the heaven part-now that is heaven!!!!! But it has been 3 years now and feeling rather well for what it is… I am proud of myself of my many accomplishments.. Lost 55 pounds, but hope to gain a few back-like 30?? Need some fighting weight.. ICU & CCU seem to be a diet of a NOT good choice… !!!!!!!!!! But got my new normal-and think back of my many travels… All I can say is: If you can get up and about? GO AND DO IT !!!! Enjoy life again!! Everyone else does… But I manage to enjoy my wooded area, CT, New England with it’s crazy weather. Fall is my favorite.. Only got a week to go with that.. Be Well, Robert! Keep that smile!

        • Good Morning Marcie . The Germany thing and October fest sounds good I’ve never been and I have great grand parents that came from there . But I’ll probably never make it especially since you have to buy the TP . Haha . Sounds like you have really been through a lot . More than anybody should have to . The times you spend in the trees sounds nice with the changing of the colors my wife and I like to go camping in the mountains (in our trailer with a bathroom Haha) with the pine trees and smell the pine . We live in Indio California so we don’t get all the different seasons its hot for about 3 months but after that the weather is beautiful for 9 months . That’s why we get all the people that come to spend their winter here and get out of the snow where they come from . I was also doing infusions for awhile but got to where even with insurance we couldn’t afford it anymore . But it has all worked out first getting my colon out and 2 years later my rectum and getting my ostomy . Guess I’m still adjusting to getting out but I’m getting there . Since my first surgery I have lost weight too 45 Lbs. but I don’t want to put it back on my wife says I look skinny (Lol) but its what I weighed when I got out of high school so its not to bad to me . Enjoy your time in the trees before it gets to cold . And for now leave heaven in your dreams . Keep the e-mails coming . Ill be talking to you .

        • YEs, the pine trees-the smell is so breath taking!! I to love the walk in the leaves in the fall as they crunch.. and the smell is refreshing. It is 80 degrees here in Ct. today- So we will be off again to the lake up the street. So private (I hope) Although, we live in a very well treed area. Crazy New England weather. Properly get 2 feet of snow next week– You said that you got infusions-for dehydration? That is me. How are you doing without the infusions now? How do u cope? what do u do to keep hydrated? I want to do it 2 times a week as I did before-than my Gull bladder busted and got stones in my pancreas, (another surgery) = 4 all together on that one—So they said to flush out the pancreas with fluids and they upped it 3 times a week- a year now. But 2 times a week, I ended up in the E.R. My Mag. is 2 points below the average and that is important.. I see my kidney spelist. next week and talk with him on that-AGAIN-as I had 2 kidney failures from dehydration.. God! Feeling great one moment than then BANG! go into comma etc- back home after 6 months totally confused!! Kept asking my husband “where did I fall: when did I go into comma? when did I die? To this day, I am very admittedly mind wise, that I went down at our house in another state. Not this home. When Tom took me home I said this is not our house.. But I remembered quickly of my decorating that I love and spent much time with.. Crazy huh?

          also, How did your wife feel with all your issues and acceptance? My husband wont even look at a pouch fresh from the box.

        • Yes the smell of the pines is great and the smell of bacon cooking outside in the pines it don’t get any better . I stopped doing the infusions about 5 years ago couldn’t afford the copay . I was getting the infusions for my ulcerative colitis to try and get it under control . Then started on oral stuff to fight it one was Immuran which ruined my immune system . Off that for now but my have to start back on it again . I will probably find out Tuesday I have to go for a scope because I have had blood coming out sometimes since my last surgery in September of 2016 . He wants to see whats going on in there . That’s crazy that you weren’t even able to recognize things . I hope that doesn’t happen again . Gonna be 85 to 90 here today which is actually a nice day its really dry weather . Our best weather is around the corner unlike you the inly snow we will see will be on the mountains . We drive up to see it then come back down and put on shorts . Gotta go for now . Hope your feeling ok . I’ll be talking to you soon .

        • Robert, Camping is want I miss… Not the mosquitoes tho– What is immuran? and why did have u to get this? Is it for dehydration? When u turn 65, get the best insurance u can get!! We pay a good 5,000 a year for ME. One trip to the e.r. w/ ambulance cost more than my whole year.. So it is worth it.. Pays for everything-pouches, and everything that comes with that.. Add this up? Judging by what others are talking about, it is indeed a positive measure for me/you. Lets face it, we are sick, but anything that comes along we can conquer it with grace. My Gull Bladder was a difficult one-but I plunged forward.. The next day when I got out of the hospital with 25 staples in my stomach, I got myself into infusion.. I was not a happy camper-but I did it!! Sometimes I dont know how I did it.. But every other day is so much progress. I try hard not to let my husband know how much pain that I am in.. He suffered much while I was gone in my comma……. And the rest of the time I was drugged.. With U. colitis, and strangulation 3 times of colon, bleeding internally, and all that bile backing into my body.. I was one sick puppy. Yes, strange that I didn’t know how sick I was– I remember now, that I had diharria and found 3 bottles of fleet Emmas in the med. closet. So, I must have know something was going bad. Really I did go to the E.R. before the comma/etc. craps.. They put me into the psychiatric ward.!!!!!! I was not making much mind to the nurse, so off they shoved me to that.. to busy) Talk about waking up to people sitting in corners crying – etc. scary! I complained that I was hurting, and they told me that “it was all in my head” Can u believe that?? I would not take their medications-No one controls my mind!! But ME!! and sometimes I wonder about that? haha. I had a fever-put in quartine(sp) for a week-got out of that and told them I will sue them as I asked for a medical Dr. and they did give me one. I passed a blood clot and I showed the nurse this and she said “how do I know that this is yours?” Like “HELLOOOOOO” Just awful!! I was out that day.. (3 weeks later ???? back to the same E.R. the rest is history–)If the E.R. gave the proper attention/treatment in the first place,I don’t think that I would have been so sick with healing-no comma, no death, none of that.. You have to have a mouth piece at all times if one is unconscious. Just want to belt them one!! Filed a complaint-but nothing.. I am waiting my time when others get into something as serious as me.. Then the T.V. major news!!! Well, I went on and on– can u tell me of the above Robert? Thanks.. Enjoy your camping.. Also, have u gone in the wood like the bears do? With the pouch I mean..

        • Good Morning Marcie Well morning here anyway Ha . Imuran is (Azathioprine) My Dr. prescribed that to me after doing Remicade infusions and Prednizone and all the other ones that they give you because your taking another one . Take one then take another because of side affects of the other one it goes on and on . But now I am off of some of them . The infusions for me wasn’t for dehydration but to battle the UC haven’t done those for a few years . But thinking about asking Dr. about doing that again so I can get off some of this other stuff . I have had 3 scopes in surgeons office this time its my Gastro Dr. he wants to take some biopsy’s and see where the blood is coming from . In 2014 I had a total colectomy so my small intestine went straight thru to my rectum . The day I was supposed to get out they found infection they took out 19 staples so it was wide open scrubbed it out ( worst pain I think I ever had) and then the next day I got to come open with the wound wide open to heal . I think I was about 45 days with a nurse coming to my house while it was healing and closing up then my wife took care of it after that . Still had problems so in 2016 they removed my rectum so there isn’t much left to look at in there but there is still some came home with 29 staples that time but no infection . I actually still have UC because there is a small part of my rectum left . That is where the blood is coming from and because I still have the UC he wants to make sure its not cancer . I am only 59 but I am on insurance thru my wife and I am on medicare so I don’t pay for things anymore . People tell me I’am lucky I tell them ya I’am real lucky alright Haha . It sounds like your problems far out way mine . You are a very strong person to have gotten thru it all . From your other note I see your husband must be a little squeamish . My wife is a Medical Assistant so none of it even bothers her actually she changes me twice a week that’s when I change is Sunday and Thursday . I can do it but its eaiser with her help because I have tremors and tend to shake some . Oh and BTW when we go camping nowadays its always in the trailer where we have full hookups no more ruffing it for us . Haha . And LOL no I haven’t been like a Bear in the woods yet with emptying . LOL . Wife has bad knees and I have COPD so we to do much hiking and get to far away anymore . Take care for now . Enjoy the woods . I’ll be talking to ya

        • Hi Robert!! Hope they put out for all these scopes. We have been through enough already!! I had the biopsies taken last Dec. (another 3 week hospital vacation) also-clear bill of health there FINALLY!! Odd but true.. –one for my record– A Clear light at the end of that tunnel huh? for me anyway-and hope for u too! I think that you have been through to much within this area, And this areas are pissed off and trying to heal-takes time.. Mediations may be just a text book issue for you-Try being nicer to this system of yours-eat easy foods NOT THAT BACON frying in the woods during camping.. (would love that too, but got to take a break and be nice to what you cant see) Healing comes within, just like beauty comes from within a person–Sometimes there are people that have it all!! Robert, You have many issues going on right now.. I feel so bad for you–What I will pray for is that you prove healthy, wealthy, and wise !!!!! Wealthy doesn’t have to be money wise, it is within your soul.. And from here? You have a good soul.. Your lucky that your wife takes care of you.. Many people at my support group have this. But I prefer to do it myself. When I was in the nursing home, I told myself-“Marcie, you have 3 categories, take the important one first and complete it.. That was learning to walk.. Then home? rest, along with taking the bull by the horns again, take care of Nellie-that was a year long haul as of learning and Nellie reactions.. got a few boo’s boos there.. and God was I weak!! But I did it!! Then learn how to eat better and then now I eat everything-I figure as I am well known at 3 hospitals, I am a shoe in if I get a blockage.. ha ha- I got to learn my body-cant do all that eating in the beginning, but as you heal, the more your body can adjust and take. I have copd also and then a few weeks ago, they told me I have Emphysema!! This was written up 3 years ago with my million $ vacation and the surgeon NEVER told me!! You know I feel at times I was at the Mickey house club.. So, I have lost 3 years of proper treatment on that illness. Tom, (hubby) has issues with his feet, and going blind in one eye-nothing can cure that- (interesting driving with him and he wont let me drive-man thing I guess huh) so, we don’t walk much either. At least I don’t feel that I AM HOLDING him down-He loved to travel all around the world wit his job.. (I was ready to join parents without partners) He is 77 and I am to be 68 yrs old. How did u get on medicare at your young age? Good deal for us uh? Gotta pay-but it works for me!! Now, ROBERT!!!! are you going to take it easy? or do I have to go out there and knock you down??? Go camping and sit on a stump!! And enjoy nature.. God given and free. Be thinking of you Tuesday as I will be at a specialist also on that day too! One more to go before the snow fly’s… My Best to you and yours..

        • Good Morning Marcie I agree with you we have been thru enough You more so than Me . I appreciate your concern for me but I think about all that you have been thru and are going thru you have it much worse than I do . I am really sorry to hear about the emphysema sometimes you really gotta wonder about some of these doctors . Fortunately the one my wife works with is really nice and a very good doctor .But the hospital she works for can be another story . I am not one for going to church but of course I do believe in God and I will also be praying for you and thinking about you tomorrow . I hope your visit tomorrow goes well for you . I’m hoping mine is just irritation form the UC but that could mean more prescriptions again . I have even done the shots of Humira myself along with everything else don’t wanna do that again either . Like you said I think there will be light at the end of the tunnel we both have to think positive . I for sure don’t want to go back to hospital and I’m sure you don’t either . I can totally see why you felt like you were in the Mickey Mouse Club it sounds like you may have been by the way you were treated and shuffled around ! I know we all handle things different I am very lucky to have my wife (Norma) she has always been there for me and she handles all of this really well she is a strong woman . Like I said we all handle things differently with your husband I’m sure its all tuff to handle for him too . Either side of these illnesses we’re on for us at times and for our spouse . As the food goes I was good after the surgeries about eating and even what I would drink (I do have a few beers a day now) But I drink lots of water, juice, sports drinks etc. Food wise I do like my bacon (Haha) and still enjoy it doesn’t seem to bother me . I also like hot and spicy foods nothing goes any farther than my bag now so I don’t have to worry about the burn coming out anymore ! LOL . I do stay away from things like nuts thou if I have them its only a couple and I make sure to chew them good . Other than that I eat just about anything I want and haven’t had any problems knock on wood . I am a meat and potatoes guy and only eat a couple vegetables . I was lucky enough to get on disability (least that’s what some people say I say oh ya I’m real lucky Ha) . California considered me disabled because I could no longer do the work I was trained to do and had done for 35 years . With the tremors (to dangerous at times) and not being able to lift required weight and the physical things the job required and the UC and copd etc. Luckily I had everything I needed to get my retirement so that helped too . I was and always will be a Union Electrician Local 440 Riverside Ca. worked new construction all those years . I do try not to over do it my wife and Mom ( actually mother in Law but I think of her as my Mom) wont let me do yard work anymore so we have someone do it . I do take care of the house laundry, cleaning even a little cooking and baking but Norma wont always it my cooking . Lol . I did do a support group once before my Ilestomy surgery Norma talked me into going and they did help me decide to have the surgery so it was good . But I haven’t gone back I’m just not a real sociable kinda guy I guess . Eric’s site here and You and the nice people I have met on here are my support group and have made me fell better and I have learned from being on here the last month . Gonna let you go I’ve rattled on enough for now . It was actually still morning for you when I started typing this I not very good at typing . Lol .
          So have a great day today ! And I will be thinking and praying for you tomorrow !
          Talk to you soon

        • Robert, I canceled my Dr, appt. not feeling well-it will pass. So, I have all day to think of you and Norma getting the news-and hope for positive-YOU deserve good news. No more operations!! But if so? and it WILL fix what is driving your health down? then you can handle it. After all we have all handled so much the past years. -what’s one more? Do u really need all those med’s now? Hope u Google them- But Norma can get the down and under of them from doctors. If your taking aspirin (like a friend of mine did-caused her bleeding and aspirin is in many different med’s. Sneaky huh? Your typing is very good Robert. Even with 2 fingers? your a go!! When I met my husband at work, I couldn’t type hardly at all!! I was in charge of 22 engineers-and they write like Doctors!! Never mind the technology.. Don’t know why they hired me-many were going for that job.. But I fond the love of my life!! Best to you Tuesday– I believe in God also-not a church goer- Toms side?-WOW!!!!!! that is an everyday event.. +++++++++++.. I love gods houses- the feeing is so warm and gentle.. But when it gets crowded? I just don’t get that feeling. I have my peace within myself.. At hoe-or when I stop by a church I go in by myself.. Unfortunately I have totally empty thoughts when I go inside. Maybe that is what it all about.. Relief!! Hope u do GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! IT should be all over with by this time– I always say to myself, “Marcie? YOU don’t have control over this” And I always say to myself now anyway- YOU HAVE TO BE A DOCTOR TO GO TO A DOCTOR!!! Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! m/

        • Good Afternoon Marcie Well its over like you said there is light at the end of the tunnel no operation needed . My bleeding is being caused from my UC flaring up . For now have to do suppositories (oh great huh) for a couple months then I go back for follow up and go from there . I’ve done them before but I sure don’t like them much . Most of the other meds I take are for the breathing and for my heart . Although my heart just checked out ok I have a not so good family history of heart problems . My Dad died at 41 from massive heart attack and my oldest brother had couple heart attacks and my other brother has had heart problems . Lost my oldest brother April 28th 2015 to cancer . I’m the baby of the bunch so I guess better safe than sorry . I didn’t know that about the aspirin yes they are sneaky aren’t they interesting tho . Thank you for you’re interest and you’re input .
          Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well and had to cancel your appointment . Hope you are feeling better today !


        • Good news!! No operation which means no major compilations.. What kind of ostomy do u have? You have UC, from little of what I know now, you still have intestines.. ??
          You have much to deal with your heart etc. Like you do have shoes hanging over your head and can see them–Maybe your heart may not be not so weak as your family’s- history!! Seems like u have a bit of stress there-I am happy that you have a Dr. for your heart and keeping in contact with him/her. That is a plus!! U’r a good patient.. Along with you not working at such a hard job and all, your giving your heart a rest. and your eating bacon?? From what the Dr. told me, Stress was a factor into my UC issues.. When they heard what I have been through most of my life-I have tended to pass those many hurts away and guess they got passed to my colon.. what ever…. Take notice here Robert.. Now you can relax a bit and enjoy your camping, life, and mostly heal on forward. So happy for you Robert, Good news!! My balance if off-don’t know why-but maybe a virus.. Sorta side swiping the wall over here.. So staying I bed and watching awful movies they have on-all goofy Halloween ones and those dumb Christmas ones.. So- finally got some saved old movies on-Don’t do well with that either.. but did it.. Eating lots of ice cream to gain some weight-along with the fact, that I am near my bathroom–

          Sorry u lost your dad at such a young age-that must have been very hurtful for you and your family. And your brothers? wow, heavy stuff to accept. My mom died at 58, heart-born with it. I got 11 years over her on age so far-.. Miss her much!! Well, my friend, get ready for your camping as u enjoy that so much and wonderful nature.. ya, and the bacon cooking on the open camp fire.. :-) Take it easy Robert–IT is over and good news– Happy DAYS ahead!!!!!!!

        • Hi Marcie . I have an Ileostomy had surgery for that 9/19/2016 they removed most of my rectum at that time and gave me my ostomy . I had already had my colon removed 7/23/2015 . Yes I have UC actually started with that in 2008 worked while having it as long as I could till there again Norma convinced me to have a total colectomy but that still didn’t help a lot . So here I am now doing better I think my biggest battle is probably physiological but that’s getting better too . Yes I guess I’m a good patient I have a Cardiologist a Gastroenterologist a Pulmonologist a Dermatologist a Urologist and my primary I stay busy just going to appointments LOL . And yes I’m still eating bacon LOL I’m not a very healthy eater never really have been don’t like vegetables much . I do eat corn ( I know I’m not supposed to)( I was born in Iowa I have to like corn .Lol ) and green beans potatoes that’s about it for vegetables for me . My first doctor I had that found my UC told me what I eat had nothing to do with what I have to eat . So maybe you’re doctor was right maybe stress …. I saw you’re post on the forum yes I get around from one subject to another . Haha . I hope you are feeling better today hope its not anything serious and you’re over the dizzy part . I know what you mean about the movies hard to find anything good to watch . Guess that’s why I’m always cleaning house and taking care of the plants outside . Sorry to hear about you’re mother its always hard to lose someone no matter the age . Enjoy you’re ice cream and hopefully you find something good to watch . Get some rest and get better !

        • Robert, You have had so many MAJOR surgeries-each one about a year apart!! That is way to much of one to handle.. And I believe, from what u told me, one was a long scar healing. !! So u have been through noting but healing’s which is so difficult (DID U had cancer? ) Dr. says that it takes a good year to come out of these operations In the first place. Yes, Physiologically is the problem we all face with on going surgeries-some just don’t realize this-and the surgeons don’t tell you of this do they? Just slap on the bag and your go home and fend for your self.. And your like what the hell??? From the reading of this wonderful link of Eric’s is that we ALL do suffer from this and I am not alone anymore.. Along with the anti-depressants that I decided on getting help for myself.. That turned me right around and began a fast proper healing to move forward. Now Marcie is Marcie again.. but better because she KNOWS more and not just different-but better than some other/most people that take life for granted and back stab people.. which I hate.. I have a sister that is a nurse, she is on a very high pedestal.. she thinks that she is better than others, better than the Doctors, points the finger.. Thinks she belongs in Hollywood, her face book is filled with her baby pictures and herself every other month.. Like people really want to see this?? Says that she doesn’t smoke,(ah-ya) drink, but got a dui– anyway.. and smokes and does pot..Lives 40 minutes away-but only see her every 3rd. decade. (like when my other sister (real nut) told her of my illness she came to seem in the nursing home-me looking horrible, hair all knotted up and my bugged out eyes, hollow, in shock..
          All she did was talk about herself her kids-pictures of her–(which she has removed herself from her/us family as she is better than anyone of us) Showing me pictures of my nieces and god son which I haven’t seen for 20 years, they are strangers to me now-and how she looks and how great she is at her job.. Left with just a little kiss on my forehead, haven’t heard from her after that. (not 3 decades yet) She decided that she didn’t want to be a mother/wife anymore and left-got the divorce and lives on a so called lake-which I have seen-it is a puddle.. ” I LIVE ON A LAKE” ME ME ME.. I could walk through it..jump over it– BUT SHE LIVES ON A LAKE!!! the other sister, well I will just do the LAST issue with her- said that I was dead in the house, and I was gone-dr. apt of belly pain-, She got the st./town police/fire departments -2- ambulances.. – police broke 2 garage doors, 1 of my sliding doors, and a window.. to get in threw all my stuff around in the bedroom-bath- and other rooms.. and she was praying on the front lawn (my neighbor told me) Tom just came home fro S. Korea after 2 months- and got a call at work that his best friend died. So he decide to come home for quiet and comes onto this!! he kicked everyone OUT11 The cops was following him around the front yard asking his birth date-that did it!! She really hits on me like this and cant trust her or anything that she says.. Needless to say, Tom and I have finally had it with her displays of “I just wanted to help” “why did u did this? ” “I was scared for you-wanted to help) She is no longer allowed on our property.. enough is enough. we have to live in this tiny town! Yes, she has been a major part of my stressful life and others issues.. SHE IS NUTS!!! Could not Baker Act her as that is no longer allowed in this state-but my other sister did a few times. she gets out. so, u can see that I have NO family support… Poor Tom is stressed out and shocked–So, I have developed my mind to pass on stress and medical pain off.. Signs are there and I do take note.. I too, have many Dr.s on my days off from infusion, I hit the road to many apts. to them.. Got all my test done before the snow fly’s. So, my physiological issues were so hard on me as I have no one-and poor Tom in a state of shock? I knew that I needed special attention for this and got the anti-depressants.. Another Dr. apt. I was smart to get the help that I needed. Well, u have that nice weather all the time-so enjoy it and relax– Now where is your UC?

        • Hi Marcie . I guess we all have had tuff times mine sounds bad but to me not near as bad as all the trouble you’ve had . I feel better than the way mine sounds if that makes any since . I did not have cancer before just the UC and along with that I had C-Diff 3 times . Yes my first surgery I had 19 staples till the day I was supposed to go home and they found an infection in it . Doc took out all the staples right then and scrubbed it out hurt like Hell ! Sent me home the next day with it wide open and for it to heal like that 45 days later the nurses quit coming and Norma took care of it till it healed . I took a picture of it every day as it healed . Looked pretty bad at first . Second surgery I had 29 staples same spot but no infection so it healed better . Didn’t get ostomy till second surgery . You are right slap a bag on you watch a movie and send you home expecting the home nurse to take care of it and teach you . Home nurse was nice but I dint think she was an ostomy nurse . Thanks to Eric and the forum we get through it . I may have gotten a little depressed but got through it . Norma has been my rock all the way threw . My daughter even came and stayed with me and took care of me for awhile . My UC now is in whatever is left of my rectum not sure how much is there but there is a little . Its to bad about you’re sister she sounds like she is pretty self centered . Some times its better to just stay away from people like that . I have a sister in law that’ is whacko and her son too . Don’t have anything to do with them . I have one brother still alive and one sister and my Mom all who live about an hour away but like you and you’re sister I haven’ talked to them in about 20 years . My only brother I talked to passed away April 28th 2015 . I doubt my Mom , brother or sister even knows that I now have an ostomy That’s how it goes sometimes . I have Norma and Ashley (my daughter) and my mother in law is actually like my mom we’re pretty close . Right you are about what you eat and how it can be a problem . And no I don’t even want another surgery I have had enough of those for the rest of my life . Surprisingly when I went to a support group here (1 time) they told me the hospital will tell you lots of things but they told me like Eric did experiment try the corn try things but always make sure to chew really well . Took me 6 months to get my nerve up to try corn but I did I still do eat it but only a little at a time not like I used to . If I have nuts I only have a couple and I chew real good . I have an aunt my Dads sister who has UC and my one brother who I don’t talk to has it too from what I understand so yes it must be hereditary . That sucks about you’re nephew having Crones at such a young age . Sorry but you’re sister really sounds like she thinks her %@&( don’t stink blaming that on his fathers side . I am like you I like meat beef , pork , chicken we don’t eat fish I don’t eat salads or much vegies a little fruit now and then but I have started eating yogurt . Haha I’m not the healthiest eater . I know you can say it I should eat better !!! I too am surprised sometimes at what actually goes thru my stoma even the corn . Have you ever tried drinking juice to help things go thru ? If I think I’m slowing down or just to be safe I drink Grape juice or orange juice . Eric tells me cranberry juice and other one can work too . John (on our forum) told me he tried prune juice and it worked really well and really quick like stay around home quick if you drink it . Ha . Like you I like my ice cream too . I do drink a lot of fluids water juice power aid gator aid and yes I have some Beers too . Anyway hope you are feeling better today . Tomorrow we go with my daughter to the mountains to take family pictures . My Daughter has a pet pig she is taking too and of course we are taking my buddy Louie he’s my miniature Shih Tzu (my dog) he goes everywhere with us that we can take him . That’s our family picture Me , Norma , Ashley , Maverick (the pig) and Louie what a picture huh ? LOL . Anyway like I said hope you are feeling better and I will talk to you when I can sit down on this thing again since I’m such a fast typer . Haha

        • Hey You!!! Hope your having or had a great time away.. it id so good to get away– My son took me out to lunch-as I got up at 12 today– We took a nice ride through the old roads and found nice lakes hidden from the normal paths.. Lots of dirt roads and rather bumpy==took my SUV-NOT HIS CAR.. hummmm?? Stupid me I had coffee so, I had him make many stops as Nellie got very active, now she is sore around the bottom of herself-so the anti-cream is out.. My day off from infusion? MY DAY OFF and I can sleep in.. Going to Dr. Friday, I gained 4 pounds, and lost 6 pounds within 24 hours. That is me all the time-I want to get checked out WHY CANT I GAIN WEIGHT????? My son today said “mom, you eat more that I did and do always!!” So gonna pound out the Doctor and find what the heck is gong on… ?????? “and don’t pass the buck to another Dr. either” Someone here said “don’t be nice with your life” Perfect!! I will take that motto although, I have gotten to that point-but really-you expect proper service when in hospital of your med’s etc.. even tho they never come on time..

          I eat like you-but I do salads, ice berg lettuce is better as u can chew it, cut it, got to plug in the garlic bread in there too for some holding back of liquid out puts–I try to drink as much fluids possible as we HAVE to!! But in reality, did we ever drink that much before?? I just cant drink 10 glass of fluids per day–I sip more–and do the best that I can.. Today at lunch, I remember people saying SALT – bring this to the hospital– and they salt much of their foods, so I am starting that also-but I do take salt pills also. Not as much as I should-just there are so many medications bottles, I forget- maybe, I should put the salt pills in the kitchen.. Different place..

          Ya my sister the nurse is a real peach-the other one NUT is a trouble maker-but lives in a totally different world.. she believes things that she makes up and lives them.. And we have to carry the shit bag that she leaves behind.. Along side that she tells a different story to others and they say-but she was only trying to help you-she LOVES you.. And I look like the idiot !! Neither one of them knows the word LOVE. SUPPORT— Shame that we both have family’s that alter themselves from us when we are in need.. Cant believe your mom is not there for her son. Sound like they suffer from something that they all share together.. Al least you have your honey, and she takes real good care of you– Consider that you have a great family right in your own house. ..

        • Good Morning Marcie . Yes had a good time taking pictures and seeing our daughter . We were only gone about 4 hours but nice ride thru the mountains . Sounds like you had a nice ride too with your son nice off him to take you to see all the beautiful country and get you out for a bit at least you were prepared to take care of Nellie . That’s strange about your weight up and down . And even since you get all the fluid pumped into you 3 days a week plus drinking and eating as much as you do . I don’t blame you I don’t drink 10 bottles of water a day either just seems like to much . Like you I drink a little through out the day but then in the afternoon unlike you I have a few beers . Kinda flushes me out ! Haha . You really do need to get on that doctor and find out whats going on with your weight . And if he can’t help you refer you to somebody who can and get it figured out . My primary doc told me that we actually do need the salt and now with our condition even more . We switched from regular salt to Kosher Salt and I pour it on I like my salt . Do you take any vitamins ? I take just a multi one with all the other stuff I take . But I’ve taken that for awhile since some of the meds I was taking killed my immune system . Sounds like our families are something else alright ! Like you said thou we have the ones that do care for us the rest don’t matter . Yes I have Norma and Ashley and my Mom (mother in law actually ) but she’s my Mom to me . Hope you are feeling good today and its not getting to cold there yet . Still upper 90’s here today but cooling down this week hopefully summer is over for us . Hope you have today off from the fluids . Enjoy the rest of your day .

        • As far as my soma and the pictures I have seen here on the blog-my opening is smaller– no way could I pass corn.. But I do pass stringy stuff.. and some onions, and doesn’t hurt=unless I ate a lot of it.. (the pan-caking/blockage-little one)That is why I do a meaty meal every other day– OR not every meal — IF I do eat a lot, I lay on my side for bed time.. Yes, I do lay on the same side of my stoma.. Getting cold out– Got 4 inches of rain the other day- and Sunday? a good 3 inches.. So maybe this will bring us back to normal water level.. Feeling o.k.? I am doing better. Went to Dr. about my weight —- not gaining.. Said that my body as all ostomates–work so hard without a bowel, I am using much calories, and fluids. as you all-but I cant gain a stupid pound.. SO, will let it be, It will come on when ever.. This is me, myself and I.. and I think it is just dandy! no one lies it? remember when- I am back from heaven and having an o.k fun time..

        • Hi again Robert, What you eat NOW can give you a blockage-want more surgery?? (corn) Your going into a forward straight line now– I read that UC,And crones etc. can or r heredity. I wonder what has been kept from me.. My god son has Crones as of age 19 years old. Cant get in touch w/him of of his mother the nurse– I feel so sorry for this kid.. He is maybe 33 now.. So. as I read all of what these people here are going through-I can only pray that he will have it easier-but things like this doesn’t go away-do they? Would love to be of some comfort to him.. Nurse/mom blamed his condition on his fathers side.. Guess the kid got a double whammies huh? But my sisters can get my UC and my sons.. Nurse/sister said that I deserved mine.. Thanks for the support every 3rd. decade A– H—. Just pop in and our for 15 minutes and drop her bomb.. No wonder I have stress………. Well, as her record stands I wont see her again in my life time.. or after–

          I think that what people eat, their body adjust to-if the body reacts? IT give you a sign of illness that is not like what we got.. IT just makes your body REJECT to that type of food. Now for us we have a list .. So, we avoid most and some we try to introduce at a later stage of recovery.. Like I enjoy salads now- most fruits, chicken,beef, pork, just got to chew a lot more.. Like last week, I did a boo-boo- I was so hungry I gobbled up my lasagna with pork sausage- didn’t chew well. I did pass chunks of sausage and was surprised that my stoma opened up so wide to pass these.. BUT! I was moving around–If I was in bed? STUCK!! blockage, leak.. So after eating much food-got to do the walk–clean the house, sweep the floors, laundry-just some movement and bending.. they say no lifting.. I do- Got to get into that area of possible herrina here.. I see this on the blog-and from what I read quickly don’t want one!!! I am feeling better today-Nurse said that it is possible that I have allergies.. People are suffering from them much now-a-days here in Ct. = Water between my ears.. Another slush slosh.. huh? From head to toe.. ha haha.. not so funny-but I got it!!! Everyone has some sort of allergies here in Ct. They call it the Connecticut crud.. Many Valleys. Mostly I have been real good avoiding it– but when the seasons change like spring-do o.k with that- fall? I get thrilled with it of allergies. But some suffer full bang!! I don’t- I get the odd ones.. But it can be worse!!

        • Robert, I went through the scope last December, not a big deal–small bowel. There are loops and that is normal-but if twisted? Make sure that u ask the Dr. more about this if any loops and how bad they are. BEFORE THE SCOPE!! From what I have experience with MY medical performance’s, is that u have to be a Dr. to go to the Dr. So now u can play Dr. ASK QUESTIONS!! Google everything about your body!! All Doctors say that I am NOT text book!! I agree.. (I was walking talking and then down for a long time) SURPRISE!! I think anyone on this blog is NOT text book.. That is why we are here to help each other. Where r u bleeding from? Hope your not doing to much to soon.. You MEN!! Either your big babies, or macho men!! Get a 250 piece puzzle out.. Eating bacon fat is not a good idea. But I fry my eggs in it.. When I am in the mood for some.. Yummy!!!!! Remember YOUR important NOW and for ever!! But, I must admit, I do over do–but that is my make up– My brain is going like it is 16 years old-and I am not paying attention to it either.. I better learn real fast tho huh?
          Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B thinking of u!!!!!!!!

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