VeganOstomy’s 3rd Blogiversary! (Send Me Your Questions!)

3rd Blogiversary header

Wow, has it really been three years since I wrote my first glow post introducing the world to this site?

August 7th, 2013 is when I started this blog, and I have no plans to slow down anytime soon!


Because hearing other people’s stories helped me to accept my own surgery, I decided to share my experiences as an ostomate as a way of giving back.

Through the years my motivation to help others has grown stronger than ever and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity and support to do it.

You guys have emailed me your own stories, your own struggles, your praise, and your questions.

I enjoy receiving and replying to them all!

Of course, I started blogging a few weeks before my ostomy surgery, so to celebrate my upcoming “Stomaversary” I’m asking you to send me your questions.

I’ll be answering your questions through a video response and share it on my Stomaversary, which is August 21st.

So go ahead and ask about my ostomy life, products I use, my diet, even request a topic you’d like me to cover!

You can leave your questions in the comment section, or through my contact me page.

Looking forward to it!

Oh, and to keep the tradition going, here are my top ten posts this past year:

  1. Dressing with an ostomy: A clothing guide for men. (w/ video) (1st last year, too)
  2. Dealing with Ostomy Pouch Odors – Ostomy Tips (W/ Video)
  3. Ostomy Appliance Won’t Stick? Here Are Some Tips (W/ Video)
  4. Dealing with Ostomy Leaks – Ostomy Tips (W/ Video)
  5. Ostomy Diet: What to Eat in the First Six Weeks (W/ Video)
  6. Dressing with an Ostomy: a Clothing Guide for Women
  7. A Mini Guide to Ostomy Supplies: Stoma Powder (W/ Video)
  8. Healing the Skin Around the Stoma – Ostomy Tips (W/ Video)
  9. Stealth Belt – Review (still the most popular review three years in a row)
  10. The Stuff You Don’t Hear About Ibd (WARNING: graphic content)

And my top five videos (on YouTube):

  1. Ostomy care: Healing the Skin around the Stoma
  2. Ostomy clothing guide for men
  3. Coloplast Sensura Mio #10471 ostomy bag: Product overview
  4. Hollister New Image ostomy system overview
  5. How to Change an ostomy bag: Ostomy Care Tips

While I love doing product reviews, I’m really glad to see that people have been coming to the site and watching videos on how to care for their stoma.

I’m certainly looking forward to the next many years of blogging :)

Be well,



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