My Ostomy Travel Kit – March 2015 Edition! (w/ video)

Ostomy EDC 2015

An ostomy EDC (every day carry) kit is priceless if you’re faced with an emergency leak or bag change while out of your home.  When I put together my 2014 EDC kit, I had a few extras in there that I thought I might need soon after surgery.  In this post, I’ll give you a run down of my 2015 travel kit with tips on how to put together your own.

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PrettyLittleCurls Ostomy Pouch Covers – REVIEW (w/ video)

PrettyLittleCurls pouch review feature

There’s a group of ostomate who love decorating their pouches; Be it with patterned duct tape or pouch covers. I haven’t ventured into any DIY projects (at least not yet), but I love seeing what others make for themselves. I came across a photo of a nice looking ostomy pouch cover on Twitter that caught my attention.

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Ostomysecrets Classic Wrap – REVIEW

ostomysecrets classic wrap full frontal

Ostomysecrets logoOstomysecrets is a big name when it comes to clothing made for ostomates.  Undergarments, swimwear and wraps are their specialty, and they have some of the most well-made products around.  I had the pleasure of receiving their Unisex Classic Wrap as a complimentary gift following their webinar titled “Putting the Pieces Together After Ostomy Surgery” back in early April.  I’ve heard such great things about their products, but since shipping is limited to the United States and a few European countries, I never had the opportunity to buy any of their products before. 

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Grandma’s Hands ostomy pouch cover – REVIEW

Many ostomates feel more self-conscious about their body than the average person.  Sometimes we use special clothing, wraps or products like the Stealth Belt to boost our comfort and confidence, but many of us feel most comfortable when we keep things simple.  An ostomy pouch cover can help, and today I’ll be reviewing two from Grandma’s Hands.

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Ostomy Vent filter (for Osto EZ-Vent) – REVIEW

The other week, I reviewed the Osto EZ-Vent product and had given it a very favorable review.  One of the only concerns with the EZ-Vent is that the gas which escapes it is at full-strength, since there is no filter to neutralize the odors.   One innovative company aims to find a solution to that problem by offering a small filter to add to the Osto EZ-Vent.

I’ve tried these filters and I offer up my review for them below.

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