Nu-Comfort Ostomy Belt: REVIEW (w/ video)

Nu-Comfort Belt header

When you’ve got an ostomy bag hanging off your abdomen, you want it to be comfortable and feel as if it isn’t there.  As it fills, it’ll start to pull and feel heavy, so many ostomates use accessory belts for added support. I’ve been a fan of those little 1″ wide belts, but they had a few shortcomings. The company Nu-Hope aims to change that, and has created a refreshing new type of belt, which they call the Nu-Comfort belt.

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My Ostomy Travel Kit – March 2015 Edition! (w/ video)

Ostomy EDC 2015

An ostomy EDC (every day carry) kit is priceless if you’re faced with an emergency leak or bag change while out of your home.  When I put together my 2014 EDC kit, I had a few extras in there that I thought I might need soon after surgery.  In this post, I’ll give you a run down of my 2015 travel kit with tips on how to put together your own.

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