Ostomy Resolutions Stoma Guard – REVIEW

Protecting your stoma from impact is a real concern for any ostomate. Playing sports, doing office work, even interacting with the family dog can be risky business if we aren’t careful, but being worried about it isn’t something we should be doing 24 hours a day!

Enter the Ostomy Resolutions Stoma Guard by Sure Guard Inc.

Disclosure: This review is based on guards that were sent to me by Sure Guard Inc. in order to give them feedback. They played no role in the content of this review and I received no other compensation.

Update: This review has been updated to include the new low-profile guard that was unavailable during my original review.

About the Ostomy Resolutions Stoma Guards

Product name: Ostomy Resolutions Stoma Guard
Manufacturer: Sure Guard Inc.
Product #: “Package #1” (original guard); “Package #2” (flat guard)
Dimensions: Original guard: approx. 1 3/8″ tall x 3 7/8″ in diameter; Flat guard: approx. 1″ x 3 7/8″ in diameter (including adapter)
Quantity per package: 1 guard per package + three adapters (M, L, XL)

The Ostomy Resolutions Stoma Guard is a hard, plastic guard that’s meant to be worn over your stoma to prevent injury from impact.

Each package includes three adapters that are sized to fit nearly all 1pc and 2pc appliances.

The guard has two belt hook openings on the front which allow you to use a traditional ostomy accessory belt to secure the guard in place.  If you wear a support band or ostomy wrap, then it’s possible to use this guard without the accessory belt since the support band will hold it in place.

The front of the guard is open on the bottom half to allow your ostomy bag to dangle freely.

Currently, you have an option of the original guard or a flat guard. The flat guard is meant for people who have flush stomas, and the original guard works well for people with protruded stomas or stomas that output thicker stool.

My Experience

From the moment I saw the video introduction of the Ostomy Resolutions Stoma Guard on YouTube, I knew it would be something special, and I took immediate interest in the product.

Having used the original guard for both strenuous yard work and indoor home renovations, I’ve never felt that it was obtrusive or interfered with what I was doing.

It also allowed me to carry things that I’d normally avoid out of fear that they’d smash into my stoma.

Things like large boxes, laundry baskets, wood, and tools were no match for the guard’s hard surface (and I got dinged a few times!).

Since I’ve started using a standing desk, it also means that my stoma (which is perfectly aligned to the table edge) is protected at all times.

This assurance makes my day-to-day living far less stressful.

When it comes to emptying my ostomy pouch, I leave the guard in place, and it doesn’t interfere.

I actually find emptying my pouch easier when I have the guard on, likely because the output collects at the bottom of the pouch better.

Sitting, bending and moving weren’t a problem with the guard on. I should note that if you plan on wearing your guard to bed, do so only if your stoma tends to be less active at night.

I found that if my pouch got too full or ballooned, the guard would start to lift. Of course, it’s never advisable to allow your pouch to fill up that much during the day, but I thought I’d mention it.

The contents of "package #1". Medium, large and XL adapters are included.
The contents of “package #1”. Medium, large and XL adapters are included.

During my time with the guard, I’ve tried several different ostomy appliances, from the new Coloplast Sensura Mio to both filtered and filterless Coloplast Sensura Click pouches and also the Hollister New Image pouches.

Thanks to the various adapters which come with the guard, I can easily find one that fit each of these pouching systems.

I did find that the uniquely large filter on the Sensura Mio made things feel a bit tight, and that specific product’s filter also seems to cause pancaking even without the guard.

If you use a Sensura Mio product, go for the filterless version.

The locking mechanism on the Sensura Click wasn’t a problem, and the Hollister New Image pouches, even with Hollister’s “floating-flange” was easily accommodated.

I was even able to wear the guard while I had the Osto Ez-Vent attached to my pouch, and it was unnoticeable.

The instructions for the guard state that removing the belt tabs from your ostomy appliance will improve comfort, but I’ve worn the guard with and without those belt tabs and it feels comfortable either way.

If you still want to use your accessory belt when you aren’t wearing the guard, leave those tabs on your pouch or flange.

Putting the guard on is easy. As you can see in the images below, you slide the adapter ring over your pouch, then slide the guard so that it snaps into the adapter then attach an accessory belt (or let a wrap/tight clothes keep it in place) and you’re done.

I usually put the adapter and guard on at the same time to cut down on a step.

adapter ring
XL adapter ring
adapter around Coloplast Sensura Click
Adapter ring being used on a Coloplast Sensura Click pouch (note the locking mechanism)
Stoma Guard on Coloplast Sensura Click
With the guard in place
Stoma guard front
The stoma guard is secured using a Coloplast accessory belt.

As a benefit to using the guard, I’ve been able to wear certain articles of clothing in a way that I couldn’t before.

Because my stoma is close to my pant’s belt line, I often keep my belt just below the wafer, which causes friction. Putting my pants above my wafer was troublesome, as there was always a risk of the pants sliding down on top of my stoma. The guard allowed me to wear my pants higher without any of those risks or challenges.

The Ostomy Resolutions website offers other suggestions on what to wear for both men and women.

One concern I brought up with Donna, the inventor of this stoma guard, was whether there might be any chance of developing pressure sores from using the guard for long periods of time.

This is a concern that even ostomates who use convex appliances should be aware of, but to my relief, she explained that the design of the adapters prevent the pressure that would lead to skin problems; after wearing the guard for extended periods of time, I can agree that there is no real concern.

If I had to make one complaint, it would be that some people might find that the original guard sticks out too much.

I have a stoma that protrudes a bit, so the extra clearance (approx. 1-1/4″) is actually a good thing for me, but if you have a stoma that is flush with your skin, you might feel that there is too much clearance.

Fortunately, there is an option to go with the flat guard, and you can see just how much lower the profile is.

Ostomy resolutions original vs flat guard
Left: original guard; Right: flat guard.

In the photo’s below, you can see what the original guard looks like.  I don’t think the size is a big deal and the clothes you wear can make a world of difference.

Stoma guard belt line front
No problem over the belt line.
stoma guard belt line side
Over the belt line.
stoma guard under clothes side
“Can’t see the line, can you Russ?” (comment if you remember what movie that’s from)
stoma guard under clothes
Stays hidden pretty nicely.
Stoma guard over shorts front view
How I normally wear the guard.
stoma guard under shorts side view
Stoma guard under shorts.
Stoma guard under shorts
Hidden away! High waisted ostomy shorts or undergarments would work very well with the guard.


At the time of this writing (Jan 2022), the Ostomy Resolutions Stoma Guard seem to be sold out.

This product is available to international ostomates too!

Unfortunately, I don’t know of any insurance providers who cover stoma guards, so this will likely be an out-of-pocket expense.

But even with that in mind, it’s a heck of a lot more affordable than some other stoma guards selling for $200+.

If you don’t already have one, I recommend picking up an ostomy appliance belt (those 1″ wide belts you can find at your local ostomy supplies dealer) for greater security and additional wearing options.

Ostomy belts are usually sold for under $20 and most insurance would cover them, just be sure that you get one that works with your specific appliance too.


  • Does a great job protecting your stoma from impact.
  • Small compared to other guards.
  • Less expensive compared to other guards.
  • Can be held in place using either an accessory belt or support band.
  • Available in two thicknesses.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Adapters fit nearly all appliances.
  • Ships internationally.
  • Doesn’t interfere with bending.
  • Works great as a seatbelt guard.


  • Some may find that the original guard protrudes too much.
  • Like similar products, your bags capacity will be slightly limited when wearing this guard.

Highly Recommended

I can’t express how much I love this product.

It’s given me a confidence that I didn’t know was missing, and it’s taken a burden off my mind from always feeling the need to protect my stoma.

Regardless if you are at home, playing with the kids, doing sports or just want to go out with some assurance that your stoma is safe from impacts, the Ostomy Resolutions Stoma Guard should be something to consider.

To find out more about the Ostomy Resolutions Stoma Guard, please visit www.ostomyresolutions.com

Question: What are some things that a stoma guard could get you back to doing?

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2 years ago

I love finding humor in things and when I read the line from Christmas Vacation, I was thoroughly impressed. Having an ostomy is not easy, but life still goes on and I’ve found that I am much better than I used to be. Thanks for the review, I landed here because I read the having fun on roller coasters page. It is important to me to be able to still do the things I love post ostomy!

2 years ago

Hi Lyme, if the leaks are mainly at night it may be ballooning of the bag or just the bag filling up and sleeping through when it needs emptying 

2 years ago

My mom is elderly and has an ileostomy. She has leaks at night very often. I tought this might help her. Would you recommend the bigger gard or the low profile. She is a tiny woman with a stomy that sticks out normally. Thanks for your help. I am from Canada.

2 years ago

I bought the Ostomy Resolutions Stoma Guard and I really like it . I have a grandson that is big a clumsy for his age and I didn’t want him to stop hugging me ,he always seems to hit my stoma and this guard works well with my clothes and protection from getting hurt .

4 years ago

After reading your review of the Ostomy Resolutions Stoma Guard, I purchased it and happy to say that I am very pleased. Aside from the protecting my stoma, it also allows a freer flow of output. Thank you so much for the recommendation. Gratefully, Fred

Bob Ryan
Bob Ryan
4 years ago

I’m finding out that the osteomy resolution allows you to wear your flange on longer because it helps to apply pressure on the flange, allowing longer wearing time which I really like

4 years ago
Reply to  Bob Ryan

haha! You are totally right! Many guards, but especially this one, offer that bonus!

6 years ago

Thank you for this review, and many others! I am new to having an ostomy (perm ileo 7 weeks ago), and your site has been a great resource for me.

I am looking to get a stoma guard to wear when I play basketball. I like the idea of the StomaGuard a little better because it looks so much smaller. The StomaShield just looks so huge, and like overkill to me. And it looks like its length would make it restrict bending. I know you mentioned the bending aspect in your review of that guard. Does the StomaGuard actually stick out farther than a StomaShield with the smallest pad?

My ileo sticks out nicely, which I guess is what we want. :) …..except in situations like playing sports, etc. Too bad they can’t make them retractable. ;) I want to protect my stoma, but not have a piece of plastic poking out that can be easily seen and bumped into.

Any additional insight or advice you can provide about these guards would be greatly appreciated.

Donna Luce
6 years ago

Thank you so much for the review! Many have tried it and are pleasantly surprised to find how comfortable it is to wear! We are currently seeking coding for the product to be covered under Medicare here in the states, as we want anyone who needs one to be able to afford one. Hopefully, it won’t be long before we can come out with the flatter version. But, many thanks for helping to get the word out…no man is an island and thankfully, we don’t walk alone. Your work is invaluable!

sabisch truepain
sabisch truepain
5 years ago
Reply to  VeganOstomy

Yep it’s a shame that a little piece of plastic cost a arm and a leg.. Heck I need one in the worst way. But you know that few people can pull out money and say here.. Before I got sick I worked and had lot of money. But now… everything is barley.. Too bad for people in my same boat….

5 years ago

Sometimes insurance companies will pay for accessories like this one, but you’d have to ask. I do agree that it’s often quite difficult to get products like this if you have no coverage or money to spend on extras.

Ryan & Carly
Ryan & Carly
7 years ago

Christmas Vacation quote! We have been curious about the stoma guard so really glad to see that you recommend it. The issues about it protruding out is something we’ll have to consider before buying it. But overall looks good and glad you liked it!

Sherry B
Sherry B
6 years ago
Reply to  VeganOstomy


I feel anyone would love a flatter guard. When is this coming out soon i hope