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Below you will find inspiration from people with IBD (Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis) or an ostomy who are living a vegan or plant-based lifestyle. Whether it’s for ethical, health or environmental concerns, I hope these stories motivate you to take the next step towards a more compassionate lifestyle.

Are you vegan or eat a plant-based diet and have IBD or an ostomy? Want to share your story and inspire others? I want to hear from you!


Tim, the “Vegan Barbarian” Titus: INTERVIEW

Tim, the "Vegan Barbarian", Titus is an ileostomate from Chatham, Ontario. He found the VeganOstomy website after going vegan, and he connected with me through my YouTube channel. I love Tim's story because it shows how it's possible to transition to a vegan lifestyle...

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Talking About My Ostomy: WCET 2016 Presentation (w/video)

Here is the presentation I gave at the B. Braun breakfast symposium during the WCET conference on March 15, 2016. I spoke in front of over 150 people (mostly stoma nurses!) about the various phases I went through from diagnosis to recovery. It was so awesome to be up...

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OstomyLife Roundtable Discussion – Oct, 2015 (w/ video)

I am so honored to be joining a guest panel in a roundtable discussion being hosted by Laura Cox of Shield Healthcare! Laura has been a hero of mine since around the time of my surgery, and I found the videos on her YouTube channel to be informative and comforting as...

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“Knowthyself”: Interview

I had a chance to connect with "Knowthyself" through a health and nutrition site, and I'm happy to be sharing their story. Please note that in order to respect his privacy, I've been asked to keep his identity and personal photos off the blog. "Knowthyself", a...

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IBD Round Table Special – Meet Eric of Vegan Ostomy

I had an opportunity to be interviewed live on a special edition of the IBD Round Table, hosted by Frank Garufi Jr. of The Crohn's and Colitis Effect. There were so many great questions coming from both Frank and the viewers on the live chat, and I had a blast! Here's...

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Russell Elleven: Interview

I'm so happy to be bringing you this interview with Rev. Russell Elleven, DMin, BCC, CWP, "The Minister of Health".  I was contact by Russell very soon after I started my blog when he saw me mentioned on the website back in October of 2013.  Since...

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Jessica Grossman: Interview

Jessica Grossman is the founder and spokesperson for the ostomy awareness campaign, Uncover Ostomy. Founded in 2009, Jessica and the campaign work to change the negative conversation surrounding ostomy surgery into an open and positive discussion.  I've been a fan of...

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Lauren of Interview

Lauren is a wife, mother, domestic goddess, blogger, plant-based foodie living life to the fullest after suffering for years with IBD.  I've been a fan of her blog since the summer, and I love her recipes and her "what they ate" posts! Tell us how you came to have a...

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Questions to my Ostomy Tag (video)

I was tagged by Thaila Skye to answer some ostomy questions.  Enjoy the video :) The questions: 1. Why do you have an ostomy? 2. What type of ostomy do you have? 3. Does your stoma have a name? 4. What is your favourite ostomy-friendly...

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Inge Scott: Interview

Inge is a stage IV rectal cancer survivor (cancer free since June 2011), writer, motivational speaker, healthy food advocate/activist, vegan, practicing Buddhist, ostomate, and well-being coach.  I discovered her blog back in April of 2014 and I've been a fan ever...

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