Product Description

Stoma collars can be used to help prevent ostomy output from getting on your skin. For people who have leaks, this product may help as an alternative to barrier rings.  Because Salts Healthcare dominate this product category with their Dermacol brand, I will focus the information based on what they offer.

Salts Dermacol

Salts Dermacol (in a 5 pack)

How they are typically sold

 These are usually sold in boxes of 30, but several Canadian suppliers I’ve used have sold them in boxes of 5’s as well.  Because these collars can’t be adjusted (like barrier rings can), you do have to buy the right size for your stoma. Currently Salts offers sizes between 17mm and 41mm (pretty much accommodating all stoma sizes)

In Canada a box of 30 collars sells for around $130 (Dec 2014), so they are a bit cheaper than some barrier rings; my insurance covers these.

**If you can’t find Salts products in your country (they are hard to find in the US, try the Nu-Hope “Stoma Hats”, as they are a similar product and several US suppliers carry them).

How to use this product

It’s crucial that you get the right size collar for your stoma – too loose and it will defeat the purpose of keeping effluent off your skin; too tight and it can use a blockage.  Salts includes a measuring guide to help find the size to get – I’d suggest requesting samples, as they’ll include a measuring guide in the box, but you can use your regular stoma measuring guide (that come with your wafers) to get an idea about your measurements.

Salts Dermacol measuring guide

This measuring guide helps to find the right product size.

There are two ways to apply a stoma collar: either directly to your skin before putting on you wafer or directly onto the wafer.  Either way will work, you might want to try both methods to see which works best for you.

Salts Dermacol on skin

What the Dermacol looks like around my stoma.

Removing the product is easy, and it will come off when you detach your wafer.


  • The collars can be cut to accommodate shorter stomas, although you shouldn’t cut too much or it won’t work right.
  • You should also keep in mind that if you have a recessed stoma, or one that is flush with your skin, the collar may not work at all.
  • If your output is thick, like mine tends to be, these collars may not work well.


I’ve been in contact with Salts Healthcare to find out of the Dermacol products contain animal ingredients, but I haven’t received a reply yet.  When I do, I’ll be sure to list it HERE, along with other products that do/do-not contain animal ingredients.  The alternative Stoma Hats by Nu-Hope are free of animal ingredients.

More information on Dermacol can be found on the official site:

Nu-Hope products can be found at