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strange thing with my Colostomy  


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September 7, 2019 8:26 pm  

A strange thing has been going on with my Colostomy, at least it is strange to me, and maybe someone has it and can explain. My Stoma is normally active at night, and in the morning when I get up from bed, later it stops, and keeps quite till after I eat dinner. I try to eat only things I know i had before and did not cause me any trouble, so it is nothing new that I eat when this happens. At least once a week in the past month, I wake up with a full & heavy bag, it is the output I always have, but it seems like my colon is emptying itself from every thing in it. I empty it a few times during the early part of the morning, till it stops, and I can again eat, but for the next 24 to 48 hours there is no output at all. Does anyone else had this happen to them? or can anyone explain why does this happen? After the 24 to 48 hours it starts normally and continues till next time it does the same.

Thank you



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September 7, 2019 9:56 pm  

Try to keep a diary of food and activities (and how often you're emptying your bag) to see if any pattern or clues emerge. 

It could just be one of those things that happen but aren't concerning. I've certainly had inconsistent nights, but they don't cause enough trouble to warrant further investigation.

Colostomies do tend to be more consistent and predictable compared to an ileostomy  but maybe that's where a diary can help. 

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September 8, 2019 1:17 am  

My colostomy is inconsistent sometimes, too, and I haven’t been able to really figure it out. Even its inconsistency is inconsistent, because sometimes it is consistent. I haven’t kept a food diary but recall notable occasions of heavy, long lasting output over several hours followed by a day or more of no output at all after eating:

Five large crackers loaded with artichoke dip (I was really hungry and forgot about my stoma)

Half a rack of barbecue ribs that weren’t cooked long enough and were chewy 

A large piece of broiled walleye (breaded seems to be fine - why?)

So now I avoid those things (I didn’t eat them all at the same time!) -  yet still get some inconsistencies like yours. Very mysterious.


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September 8, 2019 9:35 am  

Hi Dan,

I also do not have consistent output. I never know when my stoma will be active. Also this week, I noticed for the first time since my operation last year, the output was thicker than normal, so I increased my fluid intake. I also had a day or two of very little output, then an "explosion" during the middle of the afternoon. After that, my output was back to normal. Then couple of days later, it became thicker again, though I was still drinking considerable amounts of liquids.  I don't think I was eating anything out of the ordinary except for corn on the cob, which I hadn't had for a while. So, I decided to stay away from it for a bit to see what happens. 

I have also heard that some people may not go for a day or two and sometimes only 4 times a week, but that is quite normal for them. 

Sorry I couldn't help with any solutions. Maybe you need to talk with your stoma nurse - he or she might know what's going on.


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September 8, 2019 6:11 pm  

Hi Dan,

Medications can also cause changes in output. 

Also, it could have nothing to do with your ostomy or illness that caused you to have it. I sometimes get too focused of whats coming out now that I have an ostomy, like I never did before I got UC. We are all sort of 'gun shy'.

You should ask your Stoma nurse and also keep a (food  and medication) diary) as has already been said.

Good luck. Its SOOOO nice when things stay predictable.

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September 10, 2019 5:38 pm  

this happens to me on occasion.  even with a diary, it could be something under cooked, not washed good enough, sat on counter too long or a mild E coli contamination.  thus still an unknown.  for me this is less than normal consistency, much softer, but not runny.

but since you said this is happening at least once a week, I would ask the doctor.  i see this maybe once a month or less.   after this happens, you could eat a cup of corn or some food you can use a marker, and track when your marker comes out,  compare this to the problem you are having.