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Amazon Prime Day

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Hi Folks, Did ya know that Eric/Vo gets a small benefit from Amazon when you tag the VO site. This forum means so much and has and does take some work! Had to believe it’s one Guy behind it ?? 

Prime dates 12th/13th July ?

ileostomy 31st August 1994 for Crohns

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Thanks for the reminder, John :) As always, the site has been, and will remain, free for anyone to benefit from. Any purchases through the Amazon affiliate links (on the side bar) help to pay for hosting, software licences, and the continued maintenance of the website and forum.

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Thanks for reminder!  I think prime days are 11-12. 

54 years Type 1 Diabetes, insulin pump, CGM, neurological complications, retinopathy, and autoimmune CIDP. Nerve damage led to ileostomy in 1/2015.

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Hi Jattzl, Cheers, you’re right! Whata mistake to make ? 

So Folks 11th and 12th?

ileostomy 31st August 1994 for Crohns

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I bookmarked Amazon with the link so I always remember to use it. 

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