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Stoma suicide
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Stoma suicide

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  1. Well it happened after 2 hospital stays within 6 weeks the third one proved profetic. On Monday my stoma was over 7” in length and black and only after 24 hours of my stoma getting enflammed it had to be removed. So here I am sitting in the hospital recovering from that at Pasqua hospital in Regina. While my surgery to fix my underlying issue gets pushed back !!

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Gosh I'm so sorry. You would really think they would want to get that fixed quickly, instead of pushing your surgery back!

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Oh wow, I'm sorry to hear that, Yvan!

Was it black when it prolapsed or did that happen after? Do the doctors know why this happened?

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Yvan I'm really sorry to hear that.  Sending you all my best wishes to get through the next weeks/months till you get this all resolved and are back in good shape!

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That’s terrible! Best wishes for getting sorted ??

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Hello there!  Wow, we can all learn from your experience, thank you for sharing! I hope you heal well & that the surgery you need happens soon for you. 

My stoma took a walk to the 7" mark twice on me, but after a sharp talking to & laying down to think about how to handle the situation, I was fortunate enough for it to obey me & go back where it belonged. 



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So sorry to hear this. I hope you get sorted as soon as possible. Please let us know why this happened.

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Oh Yvan, I am so sorry to hear what a difficult time you’re having. I wish you all the best for your recovery. Please let us know how you’re doing when you can.



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I just read this thread.  Prayers and good vibes your way.