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Ilostomy scar after reversal!!

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Hi All!!! 

First I would thank all of you, you were the place I would run for when I was having a breakdown because of my ileostomy.

Today I came to present my problem in the right place and I know that I will find good answers as usual. 
I had an ileostomy reversal more than one year ago and all is good now in a matter of health, but in the matter of beauty things look out of control a little bit 😹. 

When I had my reversal surgery they surprisingly closed all the place where my stoma was and I knew it may cause infection because I’ve seen many people on YouTube talk about their closure and their doctors left a spot open in their stoma place, but mine was fully closed. After a few days mine got infected 😫 and they had to reopen it and cleaned it and then they left it open to close it self and what a surprise it did close itself. 

Now after a more than one year as I said I'm all good but I don’t feel confident at all with this hole in my abdomen :( , it looks very ugly and I can't look at it I feel angry and depressed. I'm asking if you know any tips that will make it better or a surgery to fix it it would be great for me and my confidant. 


Thank you all!!

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Welcome to the forums! 

Thank you for sharing your experience.

I wonder if speaking with a plastic surgeon might be an option. If a surgical correction is appropriate, I think they would be the best way to go about it. 

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