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Yoga with an ostomy (videos)  


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05/03/2019 3:40 pm  

I just came across a series of wonderful videos from a Yoga teacher who modified her teaching to apply to people with an ostomy. Really well done!

Here's the playlist:

Just your friendly neighborhood ostomate.

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06/03/2019 4:18 am  

Cheers for posting, I know very little about yoga and this gives an insight into what seems to be a very beneficial, relaxing and gentle way to relax and work  A strong core is key to health full stop. Also it shows no matter the activity and you have an ostomy their is always a way round to do it. Hats of to the girl for doing this 👍👍

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06/03/2019 6:08 am  

Yoga is one way that I have regained strength after surgery and just to help feel well all around, with lots of walking and water. At first, keep it gentle and do not push yourself to do all the teacher is doing. Any good teacher or class leader would tell you the same thing. Protect your joints.  You can always build up to a higher level, but never go into anything by pushing yourself to the extent the teacher can. An accidental injury can last a life time.  Lets not forget that being ill or injured, can really take a toll on your body and that requires recovery time. The fact that you are considering exercise  is great and likely means your restless and recovering reasonably well.  This can be a really good time to carefully consider your  choices. Patience and doctors permission are vital before you get back into any form of exercise after surgery or illness. Stretching is always a great way to start, and yoga is wonderful for that. With my spinal disease, I can still do mild yoga, not holding a position long, or overstretching. We all have our limits. Have you ever taken the time to watch a sleeping baby stretch when they wake up? It is a fabulous thing to see.  If you have the chance, watch and learn from them. Then, try it out yourself. It feels really great.  Babies start everyday like this, so it must be a good thing. Just remember, they are the pros teaching you. No counting, no holding a long time, stretching helps to wake their little muscles and brains.  Every time a baby wakes up, they have grown and changed again.  I used to wonder if this was how they found out what felt different or was new for them. This is how I started to get interested in yoga.  A wise teacher will guide you, not push you.  If anyone thinks you will try this, make sure you check with your doctor first for what he advises. All the best, and have fun.


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07/03/2019 8:58 am  

There are good tips here. I didn't know that twists were not good for ostomates.  I have been doing modified sun salutations using a chair (Peggy Cappy video) for heart health. The cool down exercises involve twists, so I will have to modify them as well! So far, fortunately, I haven't had any problems, but will be careful in the future. Thanks again for the video!


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