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An alternative method to creating a leakproof seal around (almost) any stoma  

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February 18, 2019 11:29 pm  

Very interested in this as I'm only getting 2 days mox now. Much better than the 3 changes a day I was getting for some time however.


Anyway.. so for clarification,  you put a ring on the skin AND a ring on the wafer? So,  there is a ring covering the slits you've made on the wafer?

What do the slits do for you? What happens when you don't use slits? Have you tried your exact setup without slits and recorded what happened?


I ask because I have,  what I think as a unique stoma in that it regularly changes size in girth - to a ridiculous degree. I'm wondering if the slots might help me. I can measure my stoma as 35mm and while i'm cutting the wafer it can bulge as big as 45mm making my previous cut useless. Then,  when I cut 45mm it shrinks down leaving tons of bare skin exposed. 

I'm wondering if the slits might help me.

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