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June 19, 2018 7:12 am  

Hi, I’m new here and I will be having surgery July 13. It seems complicated and a lot to learn. My question is about showing with taking your bag off. I was wondering if you take your bag part off and leave the wafer on can you still take a shower and not cover it up? Sorry I’m still learning the names of each part. Thanks

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June 19, 2018 9:16 am  

Hi Donna, 

Welcome to the forums!

I have a lot of information on showers in this article :

Whether you take your appliance off or leave it on is completely up to you. 

Keeping it on won't hurt the appliance (although some pouches require that a sticker be put over the filter first) and taking it off won't hurt your stoma. 

If your stoma is active then you will end up pooping in the shower, so that's something to keep in mind. 

Let us know if you have any other questions!


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June 19, 2018 1:09 pm  

Hi Donna, A lot of things at first with an ostomy will seem difficult. but every thing can be over come and before ye know will be second nature. All the best for your surgery

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June 19, 2018 3:03 pm  

Hi Donna  (another Dona here!),

Welcome to the forums.

You can shower just fine with or without the appliance on. You will get the hang of figuring out when your stoma is least active ( usually in the morning for most of us) and shower at that time if you want to take everything off. This really feels good and is a good time to clean your skin really well.. But, like Eric said.. its up to you if you  to leave it on, or just remove the bag part.

I tend to do the bagless thing on days when I am changing everything anyway. Other days, I either get it all wet ( and dry it later) or cover the bag up with a plastic bag while I shower. There is  a lot to learn, but  there are lots of easy steps.  You will get the hang of it.

Best wishes for you upcoming surgery. And keep in touch.

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June 19, 2018 3:51 pm  

I so love my scheduled change days, and showering without my bag!  It feels good to air the skin out a little.  I've never had an issue with leaving the bag on when I shower, but it took some time convince myself that it wasn't going to peel off if I got it wet.  You joined at a good time Donna, you can get answers to a lot of these kinds of questions before surgery.  That should give you some peace of mind going in.  Any questions you have, ask away, someone here will be able to help.  Good luck with your surgery!!

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June 22, 2018 2:04 pm  

Hi Donna and welcome to the group . I see I am a couple days late on this one but here goes . I went for about a year after my surgery before our ostomates here convinced me to take it all off and take a shower now I do that 2 times a week on my regular change days and am really glad I started doing it . If something comes out you just disinfect when your done and move on . I remember the other Dona told me it all goes down the drain not a big deal . I do use a shower bag on the other days just to try and keep the majority of the water off .

There is a lot to learn but don't rush you will get it as you go almost 2 years since I received my Norman (stoma) and am still learning . Like they say you can always learn more and this is a good place for it .

Good Luck with your surgery . Keep us posted .

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June 28, 2018 12:57 am  

Hello Donna... My first at home shower, pouch less, ended in tears. My Rose (stoma) did the opposite as I had planned and made a complete mess.  It was horrible trying to get a bag on and when I finally did,  I had to shower all over again &  change my bag again.  I gave up standing, too tired,  and now always do it on the throne, Rose is always  active, a grocery bag to put my  used  pouch in sits in the crotch of my pants and I can put everything I use to clean and protect in there.  The plastic bag for garbage is also tucked under the edge of my legs so if Rose volcanoes I've protected my clothes.  You can also see Erics videos for ideas and help.  He is awesome.  I tend to wrap my stoma in a double layer of TP  to help prevent drips on my already cleaned tummy.  Three squares in half is all it takes. I use a three drawer plastic dresser , on wheels,  the bottom drawer contains  grocery bags tied in a knot, and pads.  The second holds boxes with bags and solutions for deodorant as well as empty, well rinsed bottles  of the like for  a solution I make and use when my output is too thick.  That  is another story,  and the tube of plastic cups from the dollar store. The top holds stoma powder, wipes for adhesive remover and skin barrier.  Scissors, and the C shaped tapes I use for extra security and to protect my clothes if a leak happens. I order everything in twos and when down to  a 1/4 supply I order more. The top holds two plastic glasses that I fill with water to use for rinsing my bag when I empty it.  It also has a smaller bottle of deodorant with has a drop type tip to it, ask your pharmacist, baby wipes  and dust.  If only I had known some of this before surgery.  I now have a pair of slippers designated hospital in a ready to go bag.  Also, I have  a small back pack with a change of clothes and supplies for a day trip.  When I go to the hospital, my slippers have sewn to the back, a folded ribbon, and one has a longer one on it to tie the two together. when walking They tuck in the slippers. It is almost impossible to reach your slippers under the bed in hospital when house keeping helps with this.  I put one slipper over the rail and the other thru it as then I do not ever have to hunt my slippers  down.      

You are going to have not only a life changing surgery, but  hopefully one to better your quality of life.  Start asking the stores you frequent where their  bathroom is and explain that you may  made need it. If I have to,  play the ostomy card.  Talk to the managers.  They can help you when a staff says it is not for public use.  Ask them  to inform the staff so you do not have to explain anything to them. I always assure them I will leave it just as clean as I found it.  I hope some of this is helpful  to you.  I wish I had known these things before hand but spending a year in the hospital and then immediately dealing with my hubbies cancer and death was not a good recipe.  Make sure you visit the  supplies  company, like hollister and coloplast on computer for samples and take what you get. If you have too much there are sights to donate.  I give mine to our local very small hospital so they have some in case of a need there.  But I use samples in my purse. Now when I shower, I shower with my bag on, and when done I wrap a small hand towel around the bag use a safety to secure and that helps dry it real quick.

Water will be your friend after surgery drink lots, and if you can not detect a leak...get a dog. LOL!  Take a walk every day. One driveway at a time. It really does help with recovery.

I wish you  and Darla the best in your new journeys. Keep us up on your progress. 


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