Made it to the WEGO Health Activist Awards Finals!


The finalists for the 4th Annual WEGO Health Activist Awards have been chosen, and I’ve made it through as one of the “Best Kept Secrets“!

UPDATE: I won the award! 

Best Kept Secret Finalist WEGO 2014
Best Kept Secret Finalist WEGO 2014

Among the finalists, there are several other IBD and ostomy advocates, which is so amazing to see! A win for any of us would be a win for all of us!

  • Sara Ringer from Inflamed and Untamed : FINALIST for “Best In Show: YouTube”, “Hilarious Health Activist” and “Lifetime Achievement”
  • Kelly Crabb from #purpleproject : FINALIST for “Best In Show: Facebook”
  • Megan “The Front Butt YouTuber” : FINALIST for “Best In Show: YouTube” 
  • Kathleen from Crohnological Order: FINALIST for “Best In Show: Twitter” and “Best In Show: Blog”

The full list of finalists can be found HERE and the winners will be announced Wednesday, March 18th!

Thank you to everyone who voted and for everyone who have shown their support. Our collective voices can reach far and wide! 

2 thoughts on “Made it to the WEGO Health Activist Awards Finals!”

    • Thanks Inge, for all your continued support! All the nominees and finalists should feel so proud for everything they do, and I hope that at least one person with IBD or an ostomy will win.


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