Is Your Ostomy Wafer Cutting You? Here’s a Fix (with video)

Ostomy Care skin saving tip

I’m pretty happy with the way the skin around my stoma looks, but I’ve had my fair share of challenges with my skin, especially as I was learning to  adjust post-surgery.  One particular problem I had a hard time dealing with, was when my ostomy wafer would cut into my skin. Putting tape over my wafer didn’t help, and trying to treat the cuts was difficult, since cutting the wafer short would cause other problems.

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Hollister CeraPlus Skin Barrier and New Image Ostomy Pouch – REVIEW (w/ video)

Hollister CeraPlus

I’ve used the Hollister New Image line (with CeraPlus) for over 2.5 weeks and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the results.  I had requested samples at our local ostomy chapter “vendors day” after speaking with one of the Hollister reps.  She mentioned that Hollister has put out a new product, which features “CeraPlus”, so I was intrigued at how it might benefit me.

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Coloplast Sensura Mio 1pc #10471 – REVIEW (w/ video)

Coloplast Sensura Mio package contents

Finding the right ostomy appliance is just as important as finding the right pair of shoes to wear. The quality of life for an ostomate often depends on their pouching system and Coloplast hopes to improve on this with their new Sensura Mio product line.

I’ve been using the new Sensura Mio #10471 for about a month. Coloplast was gracious enough to enroll me in their product feedback program in order to get samples before the official launch on May 1st, 2014.

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