I took the stairs.

Today is a busy day.  I’ve got everything packed for my hotel stay tonight and we’ve dropped my son off at my parents house, where he’ll be staying while I’m in the hospital.  My daughter and wife have an event to attend tomorrow evening , so there has been a lot of preparation for that too. I’m also fasting to prepare for surgery, so there will be a lot of vegetable broth and sports drinks in order to keep my fluid intake and electrolytes up.

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Open the floodgates – my food options have increased!

I’m finally 6 weeks post ileostomy surgery and I’ve been cleared to start introducing more foods into my diet.  So to celebrate, my wife and I went to a great vegan place in Toronto called The Loving Hut.

I had carrot soup, lemonade and a “Lucky Chow Mein”, which looked like this:

Yes, you see broccoli, you see bok choy and mushrooms.  Mine also had cabbage, which I avoided.

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