2014 – My Personal Year in Review

VeganOstomy welcoming 2015

As the end of 2014 arrives, I look back at the year in amazement of all the wonderfully positive IBD and Ostomy awareness efforts I’ve been able to both witness and take part in; while I’m not back to perfect health yet, I’ve been so grateful to have had relief from years worth of illness.

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When Censorship Becomes Discrimination


Something happened recently that really angered me. One of the founders of the #GetYourBellyOut campaign, Sahara (Twitter @Sahara88uk) had recently come out of surgery, and while still recovering she posted a photo of herself on several social media sites, but the photo was flagged on Facebook and she was forced to remove it.

 Here is the photo, which I’m proud to display on this blog:

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#getyourbellyout – the campaign that changed IBD advocacy

getyourbellyout logo

We have so many amazing advocates in the IBD and ostomy community, but one team of advocates really stands out with a campaign they’ve been able to turn into an international sensation, and that’s the #GetYourBellyOut movement.

Started in March 2014, the #getyourbellyout team is made up of four incredibly hard-working ladies: Victoria Marie (twitter @colitisandme), Gem Gem (twitter @wales28), Sahara (twitter @Sahara88uk) and Lorna (twitter @lornamary_1981).

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