Securi-T USA 1pc Extended Wear Ostomy Appliance: REVIEW

When you’re paying for ostomy supplies out-of-pocket, every dollar counts.

Finding low-cost ostomy appliances isn’t an easy task, but there is one company out of the US that offers a wide range of affordable ostomy products.

In this review, I’ll be looking at the extended wear one-piece appliance from Securi-T USA.

Disclosure: I purchased the products used in this review from a local supplier.

About the Securi-T 1pc Extended Wear Appliance

The appliance I used for this review:

Product name: 1-Pc Ostomy System, Extended Wear, Cut-To-Fit, Opaque.
Manufacturer: Securi-T USA
Product #: 7612008
Dimensions: 29.5cm (top to end of tail) x 14cm;  approx. 12″ (top to end of tail) x 5-1/2″.
Quantity per package: 10 pouches; 1 curved tail closure clip.

Securi-T USA claims to be the fourth-largest manufacturer of ostomy supplies in the USA, and their website says that they’ve been around for two decades.

Longevity and manufacturing muscle are qualities you want in a company making medical supplies. Unfortunately, I can’t find any “About Us” page to see the history of the company, which I find a little odd.

UPDATE (June 2019): One reader has pointed out that Securi-T appears to have been purchased by Hollister at some point since my initial review. On the bottom of their website, I can now see “2019 Hollister Incorporated”.

Regardless, Securi-T USA does offer a huge range of ostomy supplies that most would consider far more affordable than premium brands.

Inside the box, you do get instructions, a stoma measuring guide (which not all manufacturers supply), the appliances, and a plastic closure clip.

Securi-t_1PC-extended-wear-included stoma measuring guide-small
This stoma measuring guide even has a few oval templates, which is rare to see.


Because this is a one-piece appliance, the wafer is already attached to the bag. One-piece systems tend to be less expensive than two-piece appliances, and they have other benefits (and weaknesses) which I’ve discussed in THIS article.

It’s a basic, flat hydrocolloid wafer with full adhesive across the back. I’d describe this wafer as being semi-ridged; It does offer some flexibility, but nowhere near what you’d get with a tape-border wafer or the Sensura Mio products.

FYI: Securi-T also offers convex one-piece systems.

Hydrocolloid wafers, including this one, tend to be a few millimeters thick, but this wafer doesn’t taper off towards the edge like a tape-border wafer would.

This particular appliance features an extended wear wafer, which should be more resistant to aggressive output (like the type of output an ileostomate would have). Most extended wear products should be able to get you at least three days of wear, but some people might get much longer.

There is a release liner on the wafer with a printed cutting guide on it. I can appreciate the cutting guide since not all manufacturers have them printed on the back, but there’s something odd about the cutting guide on this product. Have a look below.

Securi-t_1PC-extended-wear cutting guide-small
The cutting guide seems rotated, but it’s still useful.

Yeah, it’s not the easiest to read because of how the numbers are rotated, but it does still serve its purpose.

The wafer is easy to cut with any pair of ostomy scissors (I recommend THESE), and it doesn’t leave a very sharp edge to it, either.

Note: I’ve contacted Securi-T to find out if these contain animal ingredients, but have not received a response yet. Once I do, I will update this space.


The pouch on this system is basic but functional. Because it’s a 1pc, it’s also very thin.

When not full, this appliance is super thin.

The front of the pouch features an opaque plastic front without a fabric cover. This does help to conceal the contents of the bag, but it’s still noticeable, and I tend to wear pouch covers over it.

Some people dislike pouches that are loud when they move, and these are about average. I’d also say that the thickness of the plastic used for these pouches is also average, which is nice to see, as I expected them to be super-thin for their price.

On the back of the pouch is also opaque with the same plastic used on the front, but it also has a fabric cover over it.

The fabric on the back prevents the pouch from sticking to your skin and makes it more comfortable to wear overall. It’s not the best fabric material I’ve seen, but it’s certainly not the worst and shouldn’t fall apart like other brands I’ve used.

There is no filter on the top of this pouch, but Securi-T does offer pouches with filters on them (although, the product may differ from the one in this review).


As I would expect in any budget product, these pouches require a clip to secure the outlet at the bottom of the bag.

You do get one curved plastic clip in the box, however, you may want to order extra or even purchase a third-party clip that’s better quality.

The included clip is easy to use, but I would strongly advise that you keep an extra with you, since the hinge section is made of a very thin plastic and could wear down and break with repeated use.

There’s a locking mechanism on the clip which secures it shut. This lock works, but it’s not the most secure I’ve seen.

Clip closures may not be for everyone, and there are some strengths and weaknesses to using them. These mostly boil down to personal preference.


The outlet itself is very basic and doesn’t have any materials to stiffen it so it can be opened and cleaned more easily.

Despite being a common outlet design for pouches that use clip closures, I find it difficult to clean and it often takes me much longer to drain and clean my pouch as it would with other systems.

One thing to note about this outlet is that you can roll it back to make emptying a little easier, which some people may prefer. This isn’t possible to do with Velcro or Velcro-like closures you’ll find on other brands.

My Experience

wearing the Securi-t_1PC-extended-wear ostomy appliance-small
The appliance looks as you would expect, but the clip is a little large for my liking.

My objective when trying these pouches was to see if they would be comfortable and functional for everyday use.

Because I pay for supplies out-of-pocket (with some help of private insurance), I wanted to see if these could be a practical, low-cost alternative to the appliances I’ve worn before.

For the most part, this appliance has been comfortable to wear, but I don’t like the clip closure.

I find the clip to be bulky at times, and it would get caught on things quite easily. A pouch cover solved that problem, but not everyone uses one.

In times where fewer clothes are being worn (i.e. when you’re naked!), the clip becomes even more of an annoyance, and I found myself being quite anxious about having it pull on various private parts.

I’ve had no real trouble with everyday activities such as sitting, driving, walking, doing chores around the house, running errands, etc.

If this was all I did, then I may not have too many issues with it.

Unfortunately, I ran into consistent problems with the wafer buckling up and wrinkling, which ultimately resulted in overnight leaks.

As you can see, wrinkles started to develop around and under the wafer, which created a channel for stool to travel through.

I had experienced similar issues “wafer wrinkle” while using the B. Braun Flexima 3S, however, I wasn’t running into leaks using that system.

This problem could very well depend on the shape of your abdomen. In my case, the area around my stoma is rounded, so I find that tape border wafers conform best to my shape.

If you have a flatter stomach, then it’s possible that this issue may not even come up.

Sometimes, this can simply be a matter of making sure that heat and pressure are applied to the wafer when the appliance is being changed. This is something I always do, but even with extended heat and pressure (more than five minutes), the edges would still wrinkle and lift.

Tip: A wafer extender might help if wrinkling is a problem, although it would completely erase any cost savings you might be hoping to gain by using this appliance.

In addition to this wrinkling problem, I also noticed that showers would cause a lot of problems around the edges of the wafer. This made it difficult to have showers every day or other day, and I would be really hesitant to have a bath or swim while wearing this appliance.

Securi-t_1PC-extended-wear-puffy edges when wet-small
Getting the wafer wet caused the edges to become puffy and slimy.

As far as wear time is concerned, I couldn’t get more than two days of wear before I experienced leaks while sleeping. This is a huge letdown as I expected to at least be able to wear it consistently for three days.

And finally, when it came time to remove this appliance, it would leave chunks on my skin that was frustrating to have to remove – I almost never see this happening with other products.

Securi-t_1PC-extended-wear-sticky residue-small
If you have to use an adhesive remover to get clean off, you might not be saving much money.


At the time of this writing (Jan 2022), a box of 10 pouches sell for approx. $59 in Canadian dollars.

Years ago, these sold for around $36 Canadian, so there has been a big jump over the years, which makes this product not even worth considering in my opinion (if the goal is to save money)

By comparison, the Hollister 1pc Premier goes for about $75 Canadian and Coloplast Sensura Mio 1pc systems sell for approx. $64 Canadian.

You might be able to request samples from Securi-T, and I suggest that you do before committing to a full box of these.

It’s not clear whether these are sold internationally or only in North America, but I know they can be purchased quite easily in both the United States and Canada.


  • Inexpensive compared to other brands when purchased in the US.
  • Comes with a stoma measuring guide.
  • Has a printed cutting guide on the back of the wafer.
  • Comfortable to wear for everyday activities.
  • The opaque plastic is good enough (but not great).


  • Wrinkles throughout the wafer causes leaks.
  • Canadian pricing is nearly on par with brand name products.
  • Inconsistent wear time that doesn’t perform like an extended wear product should.
  • Wafer edges do not handle water exposure very well.
  • Leaves chunks of adhesive on my skin when removing the appliance.
  • The cutting guide on the back of the wafer isn’t easy to read.
  • The included clip is flimsy.
  • Some may find the outlet to be more difficult to open and clean.

Not Recommend

This appliance obviously failed me, and it would be difficult for me to recommend it to others based on my experience.

Because cost is the main feature of this system, it would have to perform consistently for at least as long as other products do, and I’m just not getting that here.

Even if this product was getting you a decent number of days between changes, you’d still have to be cautious of the edges while getting wet. Relying on a wafer extender would cancel out the cost benefits of using this appliance in the first place.

Of course, like with any ostomy product out there, my experience may not reflect yours, so always sample before coming to a conclusion.

For more information, or to request samples, please visit Securi-T USA at:

Question: Have you tried these? How did they work for you?

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Angela H Dupas
Angela H Dupas
11 months ago

I could not be more frustrated. I HATE these bags. I experience leaks EVERY SINGLE NIGHT without fail (sometimes even 2 or 3 in a 24hr period) but my distributor/supplier tells me this is what my insurance covers. Period. I will say this… not ALL fault can be placed on these bags (for my situation at least). I definitely have problems with retraction and I also have some convexity issues. The bags still suck either way but in the next little bit I will be doing a bag change (a leak is well on its merry little way anyhow) and trying their stoma paste (containing ALCOHOL😏) to see if that might help AT LEAST give me one more day’s wear. I have zero confidence there will be ANY improvement but we shall see.

11 months ago
Reply to  Angela H Dupas

I have been there with leaks. I have tried a number of different pastes, and the Coloplast works best for me. Plus no alcohol, so if your skin is bad, which I imagine it is with frequent leaks, you won’t have to deal with the burning that alcohol causes. 
Good luck to you. 

2 years ago

Awesome detailed review that’s easy to read, follow and understand! Thank you!

2 years ago

Hi Eric, you expressed concern about the lack of company info on their website. I can provide some info, based on research using the “WayBackMachine” at which keeps “snapshots” of old versions of websites. Most of the following comes from old versions of which is the URL displayed on your photo of the stoma measuring guide. Incidentally, regarding names, “Genairex” is the company name, while “Securi-T” and “Securi-T USA” are trademarks used as product names.

The Genairex company seems to have started in year 2000. See some of their early history at l" rel="nofollow ugc"> including a statement dated Nov 2002 which includes “Genairex is not owned by or associated with any of the leading brand manufacturers, major wholesalers or distributors.” See also some later history at l" rel="nofollow ugc"> and still more recent history at /" rel="nofollow ugc"> This includes a statement dated January 2014 titled “A New Era Begins.”

Their Jan 2014 “New Era Begins” statement asserted that their products are American made, and was accompanied by a change in product name from “Securi-T” to “Securi-T USA”. I’m guessing this is also when Genairex began their relationship with Hollister to make products for them – which was, of course, a major departure from the Nov 2002 statement that “Genairex is not owned by or associated with any of the leading brand manufacturers.” Notice, by the way, that Hollister is the only one of the major manufacturers that’s still US-based. (ConvaTec was US-based when they were part of Bristol-Myers Squibb, but that hasn’t been true since 2008; their headquarters are in Reading, UK now. Coloplast is based in Denmark. B. Braun is based in Germany.) Also note that your photos of the Securi-T pouch clip show it’s a Hollister clip. (I know because I’ve saved some clips from the days when I used to use clipped pouches. It’s true that ConvaTec sells similar curved clips, but there are subtle differences, and this is a Hollister clip, not a ConvaTec clip.)

In 2016, the URL was modified to redirect to where, as you’ve pointed out, the website contains no company info. The relationship between Genairex and Hollister was probably kept secret through about the end of 2018. But it’s obvious now, as the pages of display Hollister copyright notices and phone number. It’s possible that, by now, Hollister has purchased the Genairex company completely, but I haven’t found any announcement of such a merger.

2 years ago
Reply to  VeganOstomy

Hi Eric, that’s unfortunate about the price jump in Canada. So, it seems pretty pointless for Canadians to buy Securi-T products now! Note: There seems to be a typo in prices in the Conclusion of your Review now. Please check.

Meanwhile, you also have a page of company listings at where I think some listings should be updated:

ConvaTec is headquartered in UK (Reading), not USA.

B. Braun is headquartered in Germany (Melsungen), not Canada or USA. Note: this company was selling ostomy supplies for 40 years outside North America before they finally started selling in Canada and USA a few years ago.

Dansac is headquartered in Denmark (Fredensborg), not UK.

Ostomy SuperSan doesn’t exist any more. They were a flash in the pan who appeared 3 years ago and quickly disappeared. Their website displays only a blank page now. The phone number at the top of that blank page is a disconnected number.

About Securi-T USA, your page at lists them twice, first as “Genairex / Securi-T USA” (linked to ), then as “Securi-T USA” (linked to ). The first of those listings (beginning with name “Genairex”) is probably best removed, as there doesn’t seem to be a Genairex company any more and there’s no longer a website at . For historical continuity, it may be reasonable to add the name “Genairex” in the other listing, but I would suggest putting it in parentheses after the “Securi-T USA” name. Also in that “Securi-T USA” listing, I wonder if you can include a note that the products are actually made by Hollister.

2 years ago

Hi Eric, It was revealed recently that Genairex/ “Securi-T USA” products are being made by Hollister. This was stated in a UOAA Discussion Board post at and also in a news story at Moreover, the Securi-T website at displays a Hollister copyright notice at the bottom of every page now.

In effect, “Securi-T USA” is now a line of lower priced products made by Hollister but sold without the Hollister name.

This can provide a useful option for some ostomates. For example, Hollister recently discontinued a line of 2pc products called “CenterPointLock” (CPL). Ostensibly, Hollister would like to migrate all CPL users to their “New Image” products. However, a viable option for some CPL users might be to switch to “Securi-T USA” 2pc products, which are said to be very similar to the discontinued CPL products.

2 years ago
Reply to  Bob

Hi I find this very interesting as I’m a 24 year user Of the center point lock system and was devastated when they plan to discontinue the product. I’ve tried the replacement from Hollister which I don’t even find comparable. I’ve tried Coloplast and I’m not real happy with their products either. I happen to come across the securitie website by chance and contacted them and sadly they said they don’t ship to Canada?? They also told me Hollister is making their products but when I asked Hollister about them, they claim to have never heard of them?! Strange. So I’m at a loss and feel very frustrated that Hollister discontinued the product when other companies say they never retire products.

3 years ago

I love your reviews and if it wasn’t for the information you share I would have had a much harder time becoming an ostomate .
I sent for samples and they sent me a pr-cut wafer with a little collar . I really liked this product however I did not care for the clip pouch . They did send me a free pouch cover and these extra twist tie things . I could not find where they are sold in Canada .

4 years ago

I respect you and appreciate you trying new products so you can share with us. Can be a messy business judging from your last photos.
I’m one year in with my ileo and have tried very few products. I switched to a two piece
Sensura Mio by Coloplast shortly after I got back from hospital after reading one of your reviews. I wear it with sideways with a sleath belt after reading your reviews. I’m happy with where I’m at. Thanks Eric

4 years ago

Many thanks for the review, we all have a routine and you break yours and go outside the comfort zone to do these reviews. respect!

4 years ago

As always your reviews are excellent Am very fortunate that my supples are fully covered However, I buy my own comfort items( gloves, wipes, and other items small items, which I could fo without Am using my One piece convex pouch for the past year with no isues an sometimes can wear up to 9 days without skin problems Thanks again Eric for your continued work on behalf of us, ostomates God Bless you

Nancy Butler
Nancy Butler(@nancyab)
4 years ago

I’ve tried and like a number of other products of this company; i.e., wipes and prep. I have a problem with clips since I have arthritis and my fingers don’t work as well as they should to fasten the clamp, so unless they come out with a velcro closure, I’ll stick with other brands like Coloplast and their line of appliances. Fortunately, I do have medical insurance that covers most, but not all, of my ostomy supplies. I’m saving my pennies for the StomaGuard – not yet covered by Medicare, but they’ve applied. I’m getting a prescription and will forward to my secondary insurance and hope they pick up the tab. If not, I’ll buy it out of pocket. It seems like a very good product for bicycling and, as you pointed out, seat belts (and pets that consider themselves lap dogs).

4 years ago

I would not want too use it, no belt loops

Rick Wiersma
Rick Wiersma
4 years ago

Very good testing and evaluation Eric.

4 years ago

Hi, When I seen the clip its the same sort of clip used by Convatec. I think they may be trying to reproduce the same product on a budget.

4 years ago

Hi Eric, could this be the company they are connected to.