Ostomysecrets Swim Trunks & Swim Wrap: OVERVIEW (w/ video)

OSTOmysecrets swim trunks and swim wrap

There are a lot of ostomates who love to spend time at the beach or by the pool, but many will find that swimwear is a bit of a challenge. OstomySecrets has two products made for these ostomates, and I’ll be giving you an overview of those products today.

I requested both of these products from OstomySecrets in order to try them out for a future project.

Why not a product review? I’m looking forward to doing a review when I’m able to wear these garments out at a beach or pool.


Ostomysecrets Swim Wrap and Men's Swim Trunk: OVERVIEW
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Men’s Swim Trunks

The Men’s Swim Trunks are one of two styles of high-waisted swim shorts sold by Ostomy Secrets; the other is their Board Shorts, which are styles a bit different, use a different fabric, and comes in a different color.

These trunks come in one color, black, and the style is simple with no patterns or accents on the fabric. I don’t mind the simplicity, but it’d be awesome to see more patterns. They also have regular pockets, which make them practical for carrying keys or a wallet.

OSTOMYsecrets Swim Trunks
Simple style. Would love to see more colours/patterns.

The highlight of these shorts is the large inner pocket that keep your ostomy pouch nice and secure.  This pocket will accommodate stomas on the left or right abdomen, and will even work for ostomates who have two stomas.

I found these shorts to be comfortable and can see them making a great addition to an ostomates summer wardrobe.

A pair of Swim Trunks run for US$54.99 + shipping (Jan 2022), which is about the same price you’d be paying for a premium pair of swim trunks, but you get the ostomy bag pockets on these.

Swim Wrap (Unisex)

The Ostomysecrets Swim Wrap is a unisex ostomy wrap, similar to their Classic Wrap (reviewed HERE), but with a few unique differences:

Firstly, the materials used on the Swim Wrap are a blend of Nylon (84%) and Lycra (16%), which are quite bit different compared to the Classic Wrap (90% Micopoly and 10% Elastane). This makes the Swim Wrap thinner, while giving it more stretch compared to the Classic Wraps. It also allow the wrap to dry faster, which is a bonus if you do plan to get wet in them!

Like the Classic Wrap, these Swim Wraps have two inner pockets, which allows you to comfortably keep your ostomy pouch(es) secure and concealed.

Unlike the Classic Wrap, the Swim Wrap doesn’t need to be folded, as it’s shorter (this is a good thing).  

I will note that the Swim Wraps will reduce your pouch’s capacity more than the Classic Wrap, but you’ll want to keep either as empty as possible for maximum comfort.

OSTOmysecrets Swim Wrap inner pockets
A closer view of the inner pockets.

The Swim Wrap can be worn over or under your swimwear, and I’d also consider using these as an intimacy wrap, too.

The Swim Wraps are US$39.99 + shipping (Jan 2022), which are a bit more than the Classic Wraps (US$34.99), and they come in tan, black, navy and silver.

Will These Work For You?

If you find that you aren’t comfortable in swimwear, or you need some added pouch security and concealment, I think either of these products would be worth checking out.

For more information on these, and other ostomy garments, please visit https://www.ostomysecrets.com/

Question: Have you used either of these products? What has your experience been with them?

23 thoughts on “Ostomysecrets Swim Trunks & Swim Wrap: OVERVIEW (w/ video)”

  1. Posted by: @gardengypsy

    Question, do people also use a waterproof pouch cover?

    Some people use them while showering, but I haven’t heard of them being used for swimming. 

    As sjlovestosing says, changing your appliance afterward is good advise, and quite common. You may not need to do to this, so observe the condition of your wafer and note any changes to wear time once you being swimming more often. 

    Have fun!

  2. @gardengypsy 
    Hello Mere,
    I have gone swimming with my one-piece SenSura Mio and have never had an issue of it slipping off. As a precaution, I usually change to a new appliance afterward, plus I do use Brava elastic tape for added security. Maybe that’s overkill. What I’m trying to say is that you don’t have to worry! ? 

  3. Hello,
    This will be my first summer out and about with my iliostomy. I have gotten the swim skirt from Ostomy Secrets and I like it a lot. For more security, I will probably add the wrap.
    Question, do people also use a waterproof pouch cover?
    Also, do I have to worry about the appliance loosening during swimming? Shall I expect to do a change right afterwards?
    I wear the two-piece SenSura Mio Click system.
    Thank you for the support.
    Mere ?☀️

    • @gardengypsy I swim a lot in the summer, and I don’t use anything extra except the little stickie that you put over the filter. I also don’t change my appliance after swimming; just give it a quick dry with the hair dryer on low heat. I do find that I change my appliance more frequently in the summer; whether that’s due to heat or swimming, I’m not really sure. I wear a 2 piece Sensura Mio stick system. 


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