Ostomy Chat with Amber Wallace (Part 1): The New Patient Experience

Ostomy chat with amber wallace part 1

I had the pleasure of doing a video interview/chat with a fellow ostomate, Amber Wallace, and I’m so happy to be sharing this new series with you!

In Part 1, we share our experiences of being a new ostomy patient.

For most people, waking up with an ostomy can be scary and stressful. We also share tips on how to better manage those early weeks and months following surgery.

Watch Part 1 below:

Ostomy Chat with Amber Wallace (Part 1): The New Patient Experience
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You can check out Amber’s YouTube Channel @ YouTube.com/OstomyDiaries

You can also get in touch with her by email at AmberSueWallace@gmail.com!

Stay tuned for parts two and three!!

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16 thoughts on “Ostomy Chat with Amber Wallace (Part 1): The New Patient Experience”

  1. Most of what I discovered about having the “New patient experience" was through all the You Tube videos and reading the comments, and my own trials, failures and successes. Having found out that my hospital, surgeon and visiting nurses were all contracted to Hollister, I never even knew about other (AND BETTER) companies and products to use – and that they would send different multiple different samples to try until I found one that works for me. When I confronted my visiting nurse, she poo pooed all other products and told me she couldn’t talk about them. Hmmmm. Now that I have found one that totally works for me, I don’t have to buy all the other ancillary products (pastes, rings, wipes, etc.) and am saving Medicare and myself loads of money and shelf space. I only have to order my one-piece pouches, Brava strips (for my own peace of mind), and Osto EZ Vents. I have no skin problems anymore or problems with adhesives sticking to the skin when doing a change of pouch. I think that is something that should be talked about in advocacy groups – especially for new patients who are just trying to find a way to live with an ostomy. I did the trial and error with products and it paid off for me in the end. Just my 2 cents worth and thanks to all who have shared their experiences.

    • Hi Kathy ,

      I have definitely heard of the problems caused by doctors and nurses who are bound by contracts. It does patients a huge disservice when the most optimal products aren’t being suggested because they come from a different brand. 

      I’m glad that new patients can learn about these other products through people who aren’t bound by these limitations ?


    • Kathy, 2 cents adds up !! We are all paying our dues here.. Never mind a collection of thoughts and mostly understanding’s.  Mysef=lf, it will be 4 years, doing better.  But as I read on, and I experance anything that show up on here, I am ready.  Great blog huh?  Welcome new friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

  2. Being that my rectal cancer was just in the beginning stage, I had no time to really think what do I want to do, especially when I was told I would not need any chemo or radiation, if we went for it quick. With in a few weeks I had my Colostomy, and I set myself up to learn as much as I can about it, and learn to deal with it. My Colostomy is for life time, my rectum was removed, and I am doing great.
    Amber and Eric did a great job with this video, I have been watching Eric’s videos since before my surgery, and learned a lot from him. Thank you Eric for this great website.
    Looking forward for 2nd part of video.

  3. Any one who has an ostomy unexpected will have a harder road to travel rather than the patient who has been ill for years. we get used to the idea as it will solve the problem and the pouch is a relieve. My wobble was about 6 months before surgery when the ostomy was talked about! in the end it was a scramble to get it done but I was happy/content a relief from pain and sickness. Healing starts in the mind if we can get our heads around what has happened it will be the first step!! I am pleased with my bag, yep their are days when its just a (       ) pain but I have to remember the bad old days! In 1994 when I joined the ostomy ranks the world was a different place, no internet for a start, not even every many mobile phones! and help was very limited. but it only took a couple of good folk to put me back on my feet. My Doctor, Surgeon and one nurse who seen to me at home plus one other guy  I never met. he was a lad who had had a bag for 3 years at that time and around my age. the nurse give me his number and I called him. the 30 min call we had give me probably the tips I needed to start my recovery. Just think what we have now, if any body had said back then I could take advice from a Guy called Eric in Canada and connect with dozens of folk half way round the world it would have asked “what they where smoking" Life can be great just bare with it, take advice if ye fall over get back up keep trying.


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