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Why Wouldn't You Get a J-Pouch? (w/ video)  

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30/04/2019 10:29 am  

Peter, my friend has/had a j-pouch--she experanced -sp- the same..  Got rid of it, and happier now with just the stoma pouching.  This was suggested to me also-but I refused once I got educated VERY WELL of this procedure. This works well for a younger person-- and that I am not-69 yrs. 

Once again as you know by now--This procedure is a whole learning of your training your mussels in that area.  For some it is great-for others, it was like before they received their stoma and pouching system.  so, they went back to being an ostomate.  Either way-we r looking for the toilet... :-)

Wishing you the best !! m.

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