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Shower Hack!

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elle d.
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  • I’m really excited about this in a very nerdy way! Might be best for colostomy folks. 

I use two piece systems and I don’t like showering without a bag on because I don’t want the water getting in and wearing my seal from the inside by my stoma. 

I was doing the whole Saran Wrap thing they sent me home from the hospital with but that never really works. no matter what, the bag gets soaking wet. I know a lot of folks just blow dry them but I don’t like doing that. Just another annoying step when I’m trying to get out the door and I inevitably get my fingers too hot. 🔥 

Then I started folding up some gauze and putting it on top of my stoma and then a piece of parchment paper I had pre cut to fit and then taped it down.  This worked ok, but the gauze would always be damp after I took off the tape and paper.

this morning we took one of my holister bags and put it into our Food Saver machine to make it as small as possible but with a sealed edge. We just trimmed off the edges without breaking the seal.

now I can just take off my bag and clip this little guy on for my showers. 😊  I like that it will be quick and is reusable as in general my output happens afternoons and evenings, so it will stay clean in the AM. I’m still using a piece of folded up gauze to cover my stoma just in case and also keeps any stickiness off the interior of the new mini bag. 

im sure I could buy something like this, but feels good to solve the problem at home with what we have on hand.

happy weekend!


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Interesting! May have to make one myself!

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i love this forum for the tips that people come up with! great idea Elle.

enjoy the weekend too.

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You made a DIY stoma cap, @elledubuque ! I love it! 

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Lololol..  I LOVE it too... ! Yes DIY's are my thing too!! I'm glad you found something that works for you & thank you for sharing !! 


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