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Sensitive skin solution  


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January 24, 2020 3:10 pm  

 For 49 years now I have struggled because of my very sensitive skin but I’d like to share my latest findings. I should mention that I have tried recently both the Coloplast and salts system.  The salts system felt great when it was on but when I came to try to remove it using their adhesive remover wipes, even going very carefully and slowly, my skin was still damaged. So here is the hybrid system that is working really well for me. 

I use a Skin Tac wipe, 74407W at, on the skin to improve adhesion.   After allowing one minute for the solvent to evaporate, I then apply a Colly seal (Torbot 3-inch, ‘thick’ 74222B) cut with curved nail clippers a little bigger than my stoma size as it will shrink around the stoma.  

 I will try and describe clearly what I do next. I had tried the Coloplast system using the light convex flange number 16911 for the Mio click 50 mm but my skin reacted very badly to the adhesive within 24 hours.   However, when I applied this, pre-cut to my stoma size, on top of the Colly seal everything was fine for five days when I changed the system.   I then used the nail clippers to cut away most of the ‘rubber’ adhesive from the plastic and then I cut away the very fine plastic from the centre opening until I ran into the circular part of the convex system;  I also cut away all the excess exterior plastic but I was careful not to compromise the plastic that is part of the belting system.  I am then able to reuse the flange repeatedly, and I suspect it will last at least a year.   The plastic ring on the flange which is used for clicking on the bag might be sufficient on top of the Colly seal but I really wanted to protect the Colly seal from effluent so I cut out from an orange juice box or a milk box a circle whose outside diameter is a little bigger than the diameter of the opening in the flange, ensuring that the Colly seal is not exposed where the flange meets this circular ‘protective ring’.   The inside of this protective ring is cut a little bigger than my stoma size so that the  Colly seal is fully protected from the effluent.  Note that these protective rings can be reused: I cut 4 and I wash, dry and reuse them.

 Recall that the Colly seal has been previously attached to the skin with the skin tac.   I then wet the Colly seal top so that it becomes tacky, and then place my protective ring around the stoma on the  Colly seal.  To ensure that the flange makes a good seal with both the Colly seal and my protective ring, I use the same skin TAC wipe on both the flange and the top of the protective ring. I then press the flange onto the apparatus ensuring that the circular opening on the flange covers the protective ring ( this is really quite easy to do as the flange is about the same size as the 3 inch Colly seal).   I then attach the four-point Brava belt while holding the flange securely.

 I then just click on the Coloplast Mio bag.

I get five days out of this system, even having a 15 minute hot tub every day, and I have not had a leak in a month!

Removal is very easy, compared with other systems, because all I have to do is use a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol and the Colly seal and skin Tac releases easily, preserving my skin, which now looks perfect even around the stoma!

 I wash and reuse the bags for a total of three times, 15 days. Because I’m reusing the flange, the only other cost is the Colly seals which are not that expensive: my annual cost is about $400 Canadian but it should be noted that I order the Colly seals from when I am in the US.

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January 25, 2020 11:22 am  

Hi Gord,

I’ve read this a couple times, trying to really understand what you are doing and I’m having a little trouble. I don’t think I have a good mental picture of what you are cutting away the rubber adhesive and extra plastic?  And when you say you are reusing the flange and think it will last up to a year, how exactly is the flange staying adhered to your seal?

It certainly sounds like a creative solution you have come up with. Did it not work for you to just attach the flange to the seal, or was it your goal to extend the life of the flange as much as possible?

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January 25, 2020 11:55 am  

I use the Hollister two-piece, which I realize is not the same,  but are you saying that you remove all adhesive from the flange, which is stiff enough to use a belt to hold in place? The barrier ring seals things, then, and so your skin isn’t touching any adhesive? This sounds really interesting, and in my case, with the Hollister flange, the peel-off plastic backing is quite stiff, and so the backing could actually be used as a flange. In theory, of course (what could possibly go wrong? 😊).

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January 25, 2020 4:51 pm  

you have me puzzled as well, can you take some pictures of your process?

15 days is extremely impressive.  plastics tend to be pretty resilient, might as well push the envelope and see how far you can go.  my bags stink too much after 5days or I would keep using them til who knows when.


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