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One arm change

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Question to Eric…you had a broken arm a while back…never found out how you managed this…bag emptying and changes..did u do it by yourself?

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Well  I may not be Eric, but I have had carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand, I'm left handed.  Several months prior, CT Surgery to my right hand. I have a very active ileostomy w/SGS. 

I'm widowed 14 + years, 65 now, do all my own House Work & cutting flower beds to share with those out for an evening stroll.  I do all the work & cleanup involved except lawn mowing.    I also groom & do all my little dogs hair care & Dog walking (3 times a day). 

No help with Ostomy anything.  Where theres a will, there's a way.

Long answer short... you adapt. 


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Posted by: @rick

never found out how you managed this…bag emptying and changes..did u do it by yourself?

Yes, i did it all myself. The first few days were the most difficult, simply because of pain and the inability to really move anything on my left arm.

Because it was my shoulder that broke, I still had full use of my left hand. I would use it to hold my bag, while my right arm/hand did the bulk of the work. I was never put in a cast, and only had a sling, which could be removed, and my arm could dangle.

I wasn't allowed to really use the *arm* for a few weeks, but the hand was enough of a help.

Once I got into the routine, it was pretty "easy", but definitely slower than if I had two working arms. LOL

Hopefully, you aren't asking because you broke an arm. ? 

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