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New here, question ...

New here, question about scopes with stoma.  


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22/03/2018 11:22 pm  

Hello, I’m new here, but have been using Vegan Ostomy’s You Tube channel as guidance for a couple of years. I have a question concerning something I have no clue what to call. I fear I may be facing a scope/colonoscopy in my near future. I will be going to a specialist in Utah to see if a conclusion can be made for what is causing me to be almost bedridden for the last two years. 

I suspect he will want to do some kind of colonoscopy thing to check me out. I’m wondering if this is possible to do through a stoma and if so, what is the procedure like? I’m a bit freaked out by the very thought of this. I have tried You Tube and I don’t know if I am not using the right name, but I can’t find anything about this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. ✌️

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22/03/2018 11:54 pm  

Welcome to the forums! 

I've had an "ileoscopy" through my stoma and wrote about it HERE.

If you have a colostomy, then the process would be very similar and that procedure would still be called a colonoscopy. 

I hope you're feeling better soon! 

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23/03/2018 5:41 pm  

It is a normal procedure. 

My GI doctor did it to me a few months ago . Thats when I named my stoma NED. (no evidence of disease ). 

I was knocked out with a general anesthesia. . Best nap in months. 

Not to worry !



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