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J-pouch, koch pouch, BCI experience  


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May 7, 2017 1:23 pm  

Hi. I saw Eric's post about the J-pouch pros/cons, so thought I would add my two cents worth. Ihad the koch pouch procedure performed when both that operation and the BCI and the J-pouch were considered to be "experimental", way back in the  1980's. I had no problems with the k-pouch itself, but had many episodes of obstructions due to adhesions/scar tissue. I don't blame it on the pouch, per say, as I seem to be quite prone to developing abdominal scar tissue. I have since learned that people with UC (which is what I had) are more apt to develop extensive scarring/adhesions than others. The pouch functioned well for some 25 years until I started getting more and more obstructive symptoms and pain. Although multiple tests did not reveal the location of the partial obstruction(s), the doctors' thinking was that the pouch had grown so large that it was pressing on the intestine. Well, I did not know that a pouch would "grow", but apparently this is so because it stretches over time due to the weight/amount of fluid held in it. So, I don't know if this same thing applies to the now, more common, J-pouch procedure, but I think it is something worth discussing with the surgeon. I had the k-pouch removed, scar tissue taken down just one year ago. Things are still pretty gut-grumbly so I know the scarring is happening again, but I'm praying it just stays at the grumbly level without progressing to obstruction.

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May 7, 2017 2:28 pm  

Thanks for sharing that.  I'm glad it was able to work for you for over two decades, but I would imagine it's difficult adjusting to something new after all that time.

I hope things improve for you.