Ostomy Videos (and More!)

On this page you will find all of my published YouTube videos.

You do not need a YouTube account to view them, but if you are a YouTube user, I would invite you to subscribe to my channel so you can comment, bookmark, and interact with each video. 

Note: Some playlists will include videos from other YouTubers because I felt they would be a valuable addition.

28 thoughts on “Ostomy Videos (and More!)”

  1. I have a colostomy for about 6 months now. It is situated just below the waistline. My output is thick so I am always pancaking. I have tried lubricants which seem to help somewhat. My clothing fits snug to my body but is stretchable so I find my output is being constricted, is this dangerous for the stoma.

    • Hi Joeann,

      Provided that you are comfortable and there is no bleeding from the stoma, I don’t see any harm in doing that.

      The biggest risk in that situation is perhaps an increase of leaks, but I can only speak for myself, having an ileostomy.

      One thing to consider, since you have a colostomy, and I’m sure you’d rather not have the pancaking to deal with, is irrigating your stoma. It would be best to consult with a stoma nurse for instructions, since you will need some equipment to do it, but it could make things a lot easier for you.

      I believe some of our forum members irrigate, if you wanted to post a question there to get some feedback. It’s at http://www.veganostomy.ca/community/

      Take care :)

    • Hey there, when say say “in the heat”, do you mean like in a hot car or do you live in a place that’s hot? Either way, even a cooler or insulated lunch bag should provide some options for you if a cool place isn’t available.

  2. Thank you Eric for the ostomy information and videos. My wife will be getting a colostomy in 8/11/2020. The information and presentations on this site is extremely helpful for my wife and me.


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