I took the stairs.

Today is a busy day.  I’ve got everything packed for my hotel stay tonight and we’ve dropped my son off at my parents house, where he’ll be staying while I’m in the hospital.  My daughter and wife have an event to attend tomorrow evening , so there has been a lot of preparation for that too. I’m also fasting to prepare for surgery, so there will be a lot of vegetable broth and sports drinks in order to keep my fluid intake and electrolytes up.

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Pre-op done – T-minus 3 days to surgery

It’s been 11 weeks since my ileostomy, and things have been going really well, but I knew going into that surgery that it wouldn’t be the last and now it’s time for phase 2.

Today, I went to my pre-op for the proctectomy (rectum removal) I’m scheduled for this Thursday morning. The appointment was similar to my ileostomy pre-op with visits from several people on the medical staff.

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