Everything You Do Is An Achievement: Living With IBD (w/ video)

Everything You Do Is An Achievement- IBD

I dedicate this post to my friends who haven’t been able to catch a break because of IBD.

Through my blog, I’ve tried to share ways that can help improve the quality of life for someone with an ostomy. While I also have Crohn’s Disease, I handled my flares poorly, and so I can’t offer much help to those who are suffering with IBD at this very moment. 

I have written about the horrible abuses that a disease like this can inflict on our bodies, and I’ve touched on how IBD has affected my relationship with those around me, but today I want to share a very open video I took at the end of a very bittersweet day at Canada’s Wonderland.


Everything You Do Is An Achievement: Living with IBD
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It’s often overwhelming for me to think about how far I’ve come on this journey, or to think about just how sick I was not so long ago, but I am reminded about how lucky I have been during days like that.

While an ostomy has spared me from a lot of physical suffering over the past few years, it hasn’t removed the fear I have of this disease – knowing that Crohn’s can return to (once again) take everything away from me, is a thought that hangs over my head nearly every day.

Seed of suffering Thích Nhất Hạnh

I struggle when I’m reminded that I’m not curedIBD has no cure – and so, I strive to make sure that I accomplish something every chance I get. For some people, it can be as simple as having a shower unassisted, while others might choose to run a full marathon.

When I was recovering after my ostomy surgery, simply taking the stairs was a big deal after years of being challenged by them, but whatever your day brings, seek out these goals when you can, and don’t let setbacks drag you down.

Our victories might seem small to others, but they are HUGE to us.

Eric, VeganOstomy

6 thoughts on “Everything You Do Is An Achievement: Living With IBD (w/ video)”

  1. This is a message only a fellow traveler can deliver. The ups and downs of IBD are like those roller coasters Eric was riding. If we’re in a remission living a full life we naturally believe it will last forever; if we’re suffering home bound, it can seem that we’ll never get out. But what Eric says is true: if you can do one thing you couldn’t do yesterday: a bath, a walk around the block, an overnight on the beach, do it! Look for the light under the door. it can reset your joy meter, and life feels full of possibility again. I’ve never enjoyed the simple things more than doing then again “for the first time.”

  2. G’Day Eric,

    I have made it 15-16 years with no Crohns symptoms + an Ostomy HOORAY me ! :D
    but I know many other Crohnies struggle daily with or without Ostomies.

    I remember when I first had my Ostomy done, I was at home using the barrier wipes (company name Omitted) that help the baseplate stick to your skin, I ended up with contact dermatitis around my stoma this made it extremely hard for the baseplate to stick to my skin and when I was able to get it to stick it was only there for a short period of time then it would be off again due to my skin weeping this caused me no end of stress and upset, I couldn’t leave the house, I was constantly changing my clothes as well.

    To cut a looooooonnnnggggg story short it was a case of trial and error, I had to try new things to see if they would work, if they didn’t oh well back to the drawing board. I ended up having to change my bag and omitting some product in my change routine seeing (I sometimes had to wait a week or two) if there was any change to my skin.

    But I found out who the culprit was changed from using the barrier wipe to just water on a chux cloth and haven’t looked back since :)

    “Never be afraid to try something new,
    because life gets boring when you stay
    within the limits of what you already know”.


  3. I think is the BEST video you’ve made. A great heartfelt message that everyone will benefit from, whether they are well or sick. Life is short, don’t wait to do something you want to do …just do it!


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