What Causes Crohn’s Disease? (Humor)

What Causes Crohn's Disease

As I listened to a podcast from my friend Stephen Dempster on the blog Behind the Times, he raised a good point that immediately got my tired brain working. He stated the following:

The question we should really be asking is not so much “Do you think we will ever find a cure for Crohn’s Disease?”, but rather, “Do you think we will ever find a cause?”

And it does raise a very important question, because how can we find a cure without knowing the cause (or causes…)?  So I was immediately reminded of some of the theories I’ve heard over the past several years.  Yes, none of these are to be taken very seriously, but it goes to show you that everyone seems to “know” the cause of Crohn’s Disease – it all depends on who you ask! 

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Jessica Grossman: Interview

Jessica Grossman Uncoverostomy interview

Jan 2015 – Jessica Grossman is the founder and spokesperson for the ostomy awareness campaign, Uncover Ostomy. Founded in 2009, Jessica and the campaign work to change the negative conversation surrounding ostomy surgery into an open and positive discussion.  I’ve been a fan of Jessica and her campaign for about as long as I’ve had an ostomy, and she was one of the first people to inspire me to advocate for ostomates.

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