Who is this site for?

If you or a loved one has an ostomy and/or IBD, then you’ll be right at home here!

If you have an ostomy and/or IBD and live a plant-based (vegan) lifestyle, then this site should be your homepage! Seriously!

The content you’ll find has been created through my personal experience with living as a vegan ostomate with Crohn’s Disease, and I’ve covered topics like:

And as of April 2017, you’ll also be able to find support, get answers to questions, connect with other patient or caregivers on the VeganOstomy Community Forums!

You won’t find any “sponsored posts”, misleading content, or any other crap that I don’t like to see on other websites.

My goal has always been to inspire and support all ostomates and people living with IBD through their journey regardless of their lifestyle, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

While my content has been created to fit around my own plant-based (vegan) lifestyle, the information I provide will be valuable to everyone living with a stoma or IBD.

Disclaimer: This site is not intended to replace medical recommendations or treatment. While I offer up my own experience as a patient, you may have complications that require the expertise of a doctor, nurse, dietitian, or other medical professional.

The VeganOstomy Origin Story

I created the VeganOstomy site back in 2013 as I was preparing to have my colon removed to make way for a permanent ileostomy.  At the time, I was looking for information on living with an ostomy while maintaining a plant-based (vegan) lifestyle, and I was disappointed by the lack of resources.

As I started to write about my experiences, I realized that the questions I had about my surgery were the same questions that other people were asking, so I began to write articles and produce videos that I could share to the world.

Over a million visitors later, the VO site has become one of the most popular ostomy sites in the world.

To read about my story, click HERE.

1,500,000+ Visitors

4,000,000+ Articles read

3,600,000+ Views on YouTube


(From people like you)

I am new to an ileostomy. However, I have found the information on your site extremely useful. Thank you very much for the information you provide here. Its been a little bit scary for me and I cant say enough about how you have helped me.

via E-Mail

Having just received a temporary colostomy due to diverticulitis, I’ve spent a good couple of hours watching your videos and reading your articles. Thanks for the help!

via Reddit

I’d like to thank you for your site, and for all the helpful videos you’ve posted. I have a new ostomy – a colostomy – and although our health stories differ, the information you’ve provided has been really valuable.

via E-Mail

I finally got to see your videos and blog. I wish I had seen it years ago. You taught me several new processes and products to use. My wife and caregiver has helped me change my bag for many years. She made my life easier. You have given us more knowledge and less stress than you can imagine. We appreciate your efforts to help others.

via Facebook

Just want to say how glad I am that I found your site! It’s fantastic.I was searching for information on broken skin management for my Mum, who has a temporary colostomy as a result of advanced ovarian cancer. After her next surgery, she will have an ileostomy. I found your videos helpful, informative and positive. She’s 67 but tech savvy, I can’t wait to share your site with her, I know she will find it helpful. Keep up the good work!

O. Murphy, caregiver
via E-Mail

I just want to thank you for creating the website and providing invaluable information for ostomates. Your time and dedication to the project are extremely appreciated and I have come to rely on the website and newsletter to learn and understand the best ways to deal with choices and challenges of an ostomy. The website has become one of my primary support systems.via e-mail

(name kept private)
via E-Mail

You Sir, have saved my sanity and helped me prepare for this change.The information you share is warm, real, and informative. You have both educated and reassured me.You have made a huge and positive impact on the way I think and feel.I wanted to send you a heartfelt THANK YOU!!!!!!!

via E-Mail

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There are plenty of ways that you can help!

Thank you for your interest in helping! I’ve put together a page that’ll give you options for helping me to reach more people.  You are under no obligation to do anything, and I expect nothing in return for helping others.

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14 thoughts on “About This Site”

  1. Can’t find the brand name of the bag you use to carry ostomy items plus more that you mention in one of your YouTube videos. Can you help me please? Thank you.

  2. Eric
    Thank you so much for keeping this AD FREE AND SPONSOR FREE Resource going and pertinent to such wide audience who seek information without vested interest.
    Your decision to qwit facebook / X and instagram is greatly respected.
    Do you use any form of AI to assist your editorial or running / hosting of this site?
    What you stand for here shows a Balance which I very much hope will continue.
    May you, your Colleagues Friends and Family live a rewarding and fruitful life.
    with Gratitude
    First UK recipient of TIES implant stoma management Device

    • Hi Jayne,

      Thank you for your message!

      Keeping the site ad-free and sponsor-free was always my vision, but it’s also difficult to sustain without the generosity of others through donations, so I’m always grateful to the community for supporting the site.

      I’ve never used AI, nor do I ever consider using AI to create content for this site. I don’t think it would be fair to my readers if they came here expecting real-world experiences, but got AI patchwork instead.

      I hope that you’ve been happy and healthy since your surgery! Quite an amazing thing to be the first UK recipient of the TIES system.


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