Vegan Meal replacement – what I’ve settled on (Updated Oct 16, 2013)

UPDATE (Oct 24, 2013): I received a call back from Loblaws, and they confirmed that their PC Protein Powder “does NOT contain any GMOs”.  They’ve also confirmed this in an email to me :)

UPDATE (Oct 16, 2013): I’ve contacted Loblaws to inquire about their PC Protein powders and find out if they use GM soy. I’m waiting to hear back from them, but I fully expect the product to have GMO’s in it, as it’s not an organic product.  I try to avoid GMO’s as often as possible, but in some cases, I have to weigh the risks to benefits.  Considering that protein powders aren’t something I’d normally use or even recommend for long-term use, I’m comfortable with using these products for the short-term, post-op healing. If there are concerns about using GMO, I’d suggest that you either look for organic protein powders.  I’ll be writing a blog entry about proteins and how to get them on a vegan diet, and will include non-soy sources as well.

Ensure and Boost seem to be the most popular choices for those coming out of surgery, as they offer an easy to digest, “nutritionally balanced” option for those with digestive difficulties or with restricted ability to eat solid foods (i.e. new ostomates). Unfortunately, neither brands offer a vegan option.

I started looking for similar products in vegan versions, but came up short. Most of what I found were either meal replacement BARS or simply protein powders.

I did, however, run into two options that I felt were acceptable.

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