Check With Your Doctor First…

check with your doctor first

There’s good advice, questionable advice and downright bad advice.  If you’ve ever suffered from illness, both acute or chronic, then you’ve no doubt been told of all the wonderful remedies, old wives tales, magic potions and expensive supplements that can rid you of your problems.  I was one of those people who wanted to believe that taking the right blend of exotic herbs would cure my Crohn’s disease, so I completely empathize with people who are in the same position.  Believe me, I went through a phase where I was completely against taking conventional drugs and even stubbornly suffered for years without taking any pain medication – even in times where I really should have been hospitalized.  When we’re desperate to get better, we do all kinds of things that would normally be considered crazy under any other circumstance.  Often times, we do this against the advice of our doctors, and sometimes those decisions cost us dearly.

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