It’s my 1st ASSiversary (a year without a rectum or anus)

Happy ASSiversary

It was a year ago today that my rectum was removed and my anus left to close up into a “Ken Doll Butt”, so I’ll be celebrating my ASSiversary today =)

Crohn’s disease often comes with a lot more than just an upset stomach, and having a pain in the ass (literally) is something I’ve had to face for many years. If you’re interested in reading about my history of perianal disease or the experience of having a proctectomy (the technical term for an ass removal), then I’ve written about it several times, and would like to direct you to those articles in this post.  

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Pre-op done – T-minus 3 days to surgery

It’s been 11 weeks since my ileostomy, and things have been going really well, but I knew going into that surgery that it wouldn’t be the last and now it’s time for phase 2.

Today, I went to my pre-op for the proctectomy (rectum removal) I’m scheduled for this Thursday morning. The appointment was similar to my ileostomy pre-op with visits from several people on the medical staff.

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