Join Me : Women’s & Men’s Health with an Ostomy (Twitter Chat) July 19, 2018

I’ll be co-hosting a Twitter chat on Thursday, July 19, 2018 at 8pm EST and you’re invited!

The IBD Social Circle have invited me and my friend (and fellow ostomate), Alison Rothbaum ( to co-host this chat about Women’s & Men’s Health with an Ostomy!

It’s a topic that is often not talked about, but really needs to be!

We will be chatting with our special guest, Dr. Steven Wexner ( to discuss everything from sexual health to exercising following ostomy surgery!

More info can be found on the official IBD Social Circle Facebook page HERE!

IBDSC_TwitterChat_Womens & Mens Health with an Ostomy_Twitter Image

Disclosure and Disclaimer: Janssen has paid for my time to participate in this Twitter chat. All of my thoughts and opinions expressed during the chat are my own. If you need medical advice, please speak with your doctor.

10 thoughts on “Join Me : Women’s & Men’s Health with an Ostomy (Twitter Chat) July 19, 2018”

  1. I’m looking all over to find a discussion that goes with my issue, so I’m just throwing this out there. I had a permanent Ostomy Nov. last year. I’ve all of a sudden started passing gas from my sewed up butt. Crazy.. Anyone have this happen?

    • Hey Linda Kerby,Yes, I had that also in the first year. I was told then that so long as no blood is in the stuff, not to worry. I had been running down the street to catch m=our new puppy. I bent over to pick him up and hit! I was so embarrassed, but made it home just before total disaster.  I was so alarmed as I had not been told this could happen.  I think it is just the bodies way of cleaning house. Linda 

  2. Hi Linda, On Eric,s post click on “read more" that will open a new page which is about the Twitter discussion. then look for the links on that page which are highlighted in blue. click on those.

  3. Hi Eric, Being an ole fashioned lad am not on twitter, but have just been through some of the discussion from last night, many thanks and I love the tweet about videoing yer stoma after surgery. Makes me feel old, I would have had to draw a picture of mine lol.

    • John68…alright…fess up…where does an old fashioned computer illiterate gal find chat on the discussion from last night?  I just do not get tweets and twitter and even this really. I had even left a note (on paper) for myself, not wanting to miss it. I can only hope there is something on here I can read.Linda 

        • Hey John68 and Eric.I have done a lot of reading today, this is all very interesting.  So much to learn all the time.  I have always believed that knowledge gives one the ability to deal well with anything in life better. It is so true with an ostomy.  Sights like veganostomy are so very important. Eric…what you have done here is none less then amazing. Thank you again for all you do. Linda

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