How I Use Evernote to Manage My IBD


Managing a chronic illness can be daunting. Keeping track of medication, medical history, a symptom diary, a food log, prescription receipts or important articles can get out of control pretty fast, so if you were to ask me for a single solution to keep this chaos in order, I’d tell you it’s Evernote. I don’t want the following post to sound like an ad; I just want to share with you how I’ve used this software to manage my Crohn’s Disease and my ostomy. I really, REALLY love Evernote!

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OstoBuddy App – REVIEW (w/ video)

OstoBuddy logo

Symptom tracking apps seem to be available just about everywhere, but ostomy management apps are sorely lacking. Fortunately, one genius developer has come up with a solution, and he calls it OstoBuddy. OstoBuddy, which is available for both Android and iOS, is an ostomy supply tracker, history recording app, and appliance change reminder. In this review I’ll be covering those aspects of the app, which I purchased for myself through both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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