Kiss Me Organics Matcha – REVIEW

Kiss Me Organics Matcha

I’m happy to present the first review not related to ostomy products on the VeganOstomy site!  I hope that this review will appeal to everyone, including ostomates and people with IBD.  So without further ado, let’s get started!

I was contacted by Kiss Me Organics to see if I’d be interested in reviewing their Organic Matcha.  

Being a tea drinker, I was curious to see what their product was like, so I agreed.  

Matcha, for those who aren’t familiar, is green tea powder.

We already know that green tea is good for us, and it provides an abundance of antioxidants, so it’s no wonder that matcha has become popular with those looking to improve their health.  

The package claims that this product will provide “all day energy”, “increased focus”, “improve skin health” and other benefits.  

Being a skeptic, I asked Kiss My Organics to give evidence which substantiated these claims, and they were kind enough to send me some information about it, which you can read in the links at the end of this review.  

For this review, however, I’ll be only focusing on the quality of the product and not the claims made about it.  You can do your own research about green tea and matcha if you like, and I think you’ll find quite a bit of evidence which supports green tea consumption.

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