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When I was a new ostomate, I had concerns about what to do with my bag when it’s hanging down.

After doing some research I came across the Stealth Belt. The Stealth Belt Pro was the first ostomy accessory I purchased for myself, and it’s one that I continue to use and recommend.

While the original belt I own is too tight for daily wear (I purchased when I was underweight), I do have the privilege of reviewing an improved version of the Stealth Belt Pro that I received as a sample from the great people at Stealth Belt Inc.

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Stealth Belt Pro: Review (Ostomy Support Garment)
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About the Stoma-Pro

Product name: Stealth Belt Pro
Manufacturer:  Stealth Belt Inc.
Product #: n/a (Custom made)
Color : Black, although you can purchase custom colors/patterns by ordering the “Custom Color Pro Style” belt (which is more expensive).
Dimensions:  Fits waist sizes from 26 to 46 depending on the size of the belt ordered and flange sizes from 1 3/4″ to 3 3/4″ depending on the belt ordered.
Quantity per package: One, reusable

The Stealth Belt Pro is the flagship support belt made and sold by Stealth Belt Inc., which is a company founded in 2009 by ostomate Richard Hamill.

This support belt is designed to keep your ostomy bag in the sideways position, and it offers concealment, support, and convenience.

Each belt is custom-made depending on your stoma location, flange size, and waist size. Like all Stealth Belt products, the Stealth Belt Pro is made in the USA.

There are a few measurements that you’ll need when you order one, but Stealth Belt Inc. does have a nice guide on their site.

The belt is made from a Nylon/Lycra blend which is a breathable, stretchy fabric material that is comfortable enough to wear all day.

You can adjust how tight or loose the belt is using Velcro closures. The Stealth Belt Pro has a double closure system, so it won’t come undone no matter what you’re doing!

There’s a zipper that extends along the entire bottom of the main pouch compartment. Opening this zipper will allow you access to your bag for when you need to empty it.

StealthBelt Pro with bag open
The zipper is smooth and works perfectly.

The back of the pouch closure has a single opening that you feed your ostomy bag through when you’re putting it on. On the Stealth Belt Pro, this opening is a specific size that you select when you order a belt – you cannot adjust it.

If you switch from a 2pc to a 1pc then you may need to order a belt with a larger hole.

When comparing this 2017 model to my older 2013 one, I notice a few subtle differences. The newer version has a single layer of fabric covering the pouch compartment compared to two layers on the older version. I actually like this change as it doesn’t reduce the amount of support it offers, but it does make the belt lighter and more comfortable.

My old belt had a larger flange hole because I was using a different appliance back then, so there is a slight increase in the height of the pouch compartment and belt in the old design. The rest of it is the same and it’s one that’s worked for many years!

Using the Stealth Belt Pro

It only takes about 10 seconds to put on the Stealth Belt Pro, and you can leave it on for as long as you like!

The steps I use are as follows (If you want video instructions, please see my video review).

Putting on the Stealth Belt Pro

  1. With my ostomy bag sideways (pointing out towards my side, not towards my belly button), I place the Stealth Belt Pro over my waist with the pouch enclosure hole over my appliance.
  2. I loosely join the Velcro ends so that I don’t have to hold the belt up.
  3. Then I feed the bottom of my ostomy bag into the pouch enclosure through the hole. It helps to unzip the Stealth Belt Pro to feed the bag through.
  4. If I’m wearing a Hollister appliance, then I make sure that the floating flange is on the inside of the pouch enclosure and that the fabric around the hole of the belt is underneath it.
  5. To make sure the bag is flat, I gently tug the bottom of my bag’s outlet towards the side of the belt. It’s also a good time to make sure the top and bottom of my bag are flat by smoothing it out.
  6. After my bag is in the pouch enclosure, I adjust the tightness of the belt until it’s comfortable (not too tight, not too loose).

Emptying the Stealth Belt Pro

  1. Sit/Squat/Kneel over a toilet.
  2. Unzip the bottom of the Stealth Belt Pro and let the bag come out.
  3. I empty and clean my bag.
  4. Then I return the bag to the pouch enclosure and zip up the bottom.
  5. In most cases, I will also adjust the bag again to make sure it’s flat.
StealthBelt Pro with bag out
The bottom of the bag can still hang down to empty.

Emptying is going to be the most challenging part for most people, especially if you’re used to wearing your bag vertically.

Some 2pc appliances, especially something like the Coloplast Sensura Mio Click or Sensura Click, allows you to easily rotate your bag from the horizontal to vertical position.

Others, like 2pc systems from Hollister or ConvaTec aren’t so easy to rotate (impossible, actually).  But there is a trick that I’ve learned to help make those 2pc bags rotatable! Read about it HERE.

Removing the Stealth Belt Pro

  1. Unfasten the Velcro ends.
  2. Gently remove the belt while holding the ostomy bag (especially if it’s a 2-piece).

To wash my belt, I simply hand wash it in cold water using a mild laundry detergent. I have washed it in the machine, but I’ll usually avoid doing that because the Velcro hooks can damage other clothing as it’s being agitated in the wash.

To dry, I place the belt flat on a large towel and roll it – this is a great trick if you need to quickly dry anything. It’s usually slightly damp after doing that, and I’ll let it air dry for a few hours after that’s done.

My Experience

I’ve done everything with the Stealth Belt Pro: Roller coasters, flights, sports, sex, kayaking, sleep, housework, office work, hiking, you name it!

It’s comfortable enough to wear 24/7, and I’ll have mine on for a few days at a time between washing it.

My preferred way of wearing my ostomy bag is sideways, and the Stealth Belt Pro has helped me to do that for years. While this may raise many questions (which I’ve address in THIS article), I find that it gives me unparalleled comfort and support.

StealthBelt Pro wearing one
Most people won’t even know you have an ostomy bag.

The belt helps to lower the profile of my bag, which is important to me but also allows me more flexibility.

I’ve joked with another ostomate about the “side bend” we do when tying our shoes when our ostomy bag is hanging down vertically. But because I wear my bag sideways, I don’t run into this problem. And if I’m doing anything that requires bending then the belt has me covered.

For people who play sports, the support that this belt offers is excellent, but keep in mind that it doesn’t offer protection from impacts to your stoma.

Stealth Belt Inc. does have another style that’s better suited for contact sports called their Hybrid belt.  You can find my full review on the Hybrid Stealth Belt HERE.

With that said, it’s difficult to keep your stoma protected when using a product like this, unless it has built-in protection.

Stealth Belt Inc. does offer mufflers and stoma guards (which are neoprene inserts you place in the pouch enclosure), my experience wasn’t positive, and I would much rather recommend the Hybrid belt instead.

As a guy who sometimes has to dress up, having my bag sideways and supported by the Stealth Belt Pro means that I can tuck my shirt into my pants while keeping my appliance above the belt line. This is something that’s not easy to do unless you have the right support, and I’ve been doing it for years using a Stealth Belt.

This belt also comes in handy during intimacy, as it keeps all the sharp pouch outlet bits away from any private parts!

One of the great things about this belt, and the fabric used to make it is that it expands as your pouch fills up with output and/or gas. I’ve woken up some mornings with a bag that’s completely ballooned, and because it’s supported nicely the risk of a blowout are minimized considerably.

StealthBelt Pro burping ostomy bag
If you do need to “burp” your 2-piece appliance, you can still do it without having to remove the belt!

And speaking of blowouts, having good support (like what you get with this belt) can also help to reduce the chance of a leak/blowout because of the gentle pressure it puts on your wafer and bag. This is a side bonus if you ask me!

While the Stealth Belt (and similar belts) have worked extremely well for me, there are a few instances where I might not recommend it.

If you have a high-output stoma or a urostomy, then it may be challenging to wear your bag sideways. While I don’t notice any decreased appliance wear time when using it myself, having constant liquid output may cause problems. Keep in mind that this isn’t a problem with the Stealth Belt Pro, but more of an issue because of wearing a bag sideways


At the time of this writing (Jan 2022), the Stealth Belt Pro is available for US$119 + shipping, which varies depending on your location. In the past, I’ve been charged about $50 for shipping (Canadian dollars, shipped to the Toronto area), so you may want to get a quote on that so there are no surprises. They do ship internationally.

While the price may seem like a lot, the fact that this product will last for years makes it a great investment for anyone with a permanent ostomy (or a temporary one that you expect to have for a while).

In the past, these belts would usually take a few weeks to be shipped, but it does look like this belt can ship within about 3 days according to the Stealth Belt website.

Stealth Belt Inc. says that many insurance companies will cover the cost of the belt and they even have information on how to file HERE. Because these belts aren’t cheap, I would highly recommend checking to see if your insurance company will cover the cost of one.

If you have to pay out-of-pocket (like I do) Stealth Belt Inc. often has promotions, so keep an eye out for them.


  • Very comfortable.
  • Well made (easily lasts several years).
  • Offers fantastic pouch support, even during sports.
  • Still allows you to “burp” most 2pc appliances.
  • Lighter weight vs. earlier models.
  • The double closure means it won’t come off unintentionally.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Breathable fabric.
  • Stretches as your bag fills without putting too much pressure on your appliance.
  • Lowers the profile of your appliance.
  • Provides great concealment (most people won’t even know you have an ostomy and will think you’re wearing a back brace).
  • Ships internationally.
  • May be covered by insurance.


  • May take some time to arrive after ordering.
  • Cost, while not super-expensive, it may be high for those paying out of pocket.
  • May not work if your flange size changes (or if you go from a 2pc to a 1pc).
  • Wearing your bag sideways isn’t for everyone.
  • Shipping costs are high.
  • Filters on bags clog faster when wearing your bag sideways.
  • Doesn’t offer impact protection, but some 2pc appliances may provide some basic protection for stomas that aren’t protruded.

Highly Recommended

Despite this review sounding like a testimonial, the Stealth Belt Pro is still one of the best support bands you can get. I’ve owned one for over three years, and it’s still in phenomenal shape.

I love the new design cues on this model, and I plan to wear it for years to come!

I’d recommend this to most ostomates, especially colostomates and ileostomates who want better support and concealment of their appliance.

Info: For more information, please visit

Question: Have you used a Stealth Belt?

34 thoughts on “Stealth Belt Pro (2017) : REVIEW”

  1. Great thread!  I currently have both vertical and horizontal.  Definitely prefer the horizontal but a I wear a vertical if my output is thinner.  I had a random drug test and at work and I couldn’t pee enough.  I had to drink a lot of water so Thank God I was wearing my vertical that day!

  2. I have had my ileostomy for 2 years now and your tutorials and reviews helped me a lot. I bought a stealth belt(vertical and after my 2nd surgery) after watching your videos. At the time I could not imagine sleeping with a horizontal belt on and rolling on the bag. Anyways, I wore a 1 piece at the time and everything was great. I finally decided to try the horizontal version because I hated it popping out of my pants while working and flopping during intimacy. Emptying it was a pain IMO, compared to the vertical setup. The biggest issue, however was when I layed down to go to sleep the day I switched. I kept waking up, worrying about rolling on it. I could imagine the mess. I had a few nights of this and just could not do it anymore. I don’t see how you guys do it haha.

    That is where the 2 piece setup, like you recommended, has been a game changer. I can be extremely comfortable during the day and sleep at night knowing I will not blow out. I now use the hollister 2 piece. I found a tube of chapstick works amazing to lubricate for rotating(I have a specific tube just for this, not used on my lips again haha). Just go around the base ring once and you are good. After each shower, do the same thing. Just my preference over the oil or vaseline. I noticed that
    I get way more wear time out of the 2 piece as well. The only downfall is tighter clothing shows the ring from the locking mechanism.

    Also, I love the stealth belt (would not know what to do without it)but have had 2 zippers completely come apart(both verticals). My horizontal version seems to be getting to that point as well. Seems like I have read about quite a few issues with them. I was just curious if you had any issues yourself?

    Thanks for all your info and the time you have taken to help others with adjusting to an ostomy!

    • Hi Justin,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences with the StealthBelt!

      Regarding the zippers, I haven’t had issues on any of my belts, including the one I bought in 2013!! I’d let StealthBelt know about it, as they do value user feedback.

  3. I’ve worn Stealth Belts for years for my Urostomy and to me they are the only way to go. I currently use the non-velcro slip on model which is very shear and comfortable. I’ve always pointed my drain TOWARD my belly button, as it mimics the same way I urinated (I’m a male) when standing at a toilet or public urinal. Having the drain pointing toward my hip/side would be very awkward to drain the bag. I’d be glad to share my experience with anyone who has a question.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience, JB!

      Yes, you can wear it facing inward – it’s completely a personal preference. When I’ve done that, I find that it causes my belly to stick out more than I’d like, so I prefer it to the side.

      This also depends on how quickly your bag tends to fill and whether you can rotate your bag (vertically, so you can drain it easily).

      If you have any tips about wearing your bag inwards with the StealthBelt, please share! =)


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