I took the stairs.

Today is a busy day.  I’ve got everything packed for my hotel stay tonight and we’ve dropped my son off at my parents house, where he’ll be staying while I’m

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Happy World Vegan Day 2013!

Let us celebrate the efforts being made by the millions of us worldwide who are choosing not to partake in the suffering, killing and ownership of animals. May our compassion

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what's in your stoma powder header small

What’s in Your Stoma Powder?

Being vegan when it comes to food isn’t usually difficult, but when it comes to medication, supplements, and medical supplies, things can get challenging.  Becoming an ostomate means that we’re

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SG3 Pouch Deodorant – REVIEW

I’ve been trying out several pouch deodorants lately, Coloplast Brava, Hollister M9 and the SG3 pouch deodorant from O.O.S Medical.  I received a sample of the SG3 deodorant and I’ve

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What I ate… Oct 28, 2013

I logged today’s food intake to see where I’m at nutritionally and without any supplementation. The only thing missing from my log was a wonderful hibiscus and lemon juice tea

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