Join Me : IBD & Disordered Eating (Twitter Chat) Nov 21st, 2019

It is my pleasure to be co-hosting another Twitter chat this Thursday, November 21, 2019, at 8 PM EST and you are invited!

Please join me in my third Twitter Chat with the IBD Social Circle as I discuss food and disordered eating with GI psychologist Dr. Megan Riehl of Michigan Medicine at the UofM. 

This topic is just in time for the US Thanksgiving and upcoming winter holidays, so if food has been a source of stress for you around these times, you’ll benefit from the chat!

We will be giving and answering questions, and if you have a Twitter account, you’ll be able to join in the chat by following @VeganOstomy and @DrRiehl and the #IBDSC hashtag

More information and updates about the chat can be found on the official IBD Social Circle Facebook page HERE!

Disclosure: Janssen paid for my time to advise on this tweet chat. All thoughts and opinions expressed during the chat are my own.

18 thoughts on “Join Me : IBD & Disordered Eating (Twitter Chat) Nov 21st, 2019”

  1. Hey Eric, sorry I missed this but I’m not even  on Facebook.   Will you by any chance be posting a read or video on it?  I would certainly be interested in hearing about it.Tony, how nice that you do dusting! What was this like to be a part of? I sure appreciate it when you all share your computer knowledge and teach me a thing  or two. Thankyou all.  

  2. I might dust off my twitter account for this one. Nobody hold your breath, though. I’ve been up since 4 a.m. and working since 5, so I’ll probably be too pooped to tweet by 8. Them’s the berries, or maybe not. ;-)

  3. Hi Eric, I think my teenage niece may have set me up a Twitter account several years ago but I have  never used it and don’t even know if I could figure out how to log in. But if I can figure it out and have some free time, I will be there to lend support. 😀This sure is now my go-to social media. I am only on Facebook, but since joining this group, my Facebook time has taken a big hit. And I don’t miss it at all.  😀


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