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Go to routine for fellow Urostamates  


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September 11, 2019 9:32 am  

I have just always changed after a shower, light stoma powder I brush off after lying still with soft cloth over stoma for about 10 min. Then apply bag with no ring, apply pressure, then heating pad for 10 min. Had incisional hernia repair hernia repair last week. One of the stab holes had to be near my stoma which was covered in surgical glue. This has caused a few leaks, esp the bag they applied in surgery ( not their fault, they didn't know what to do). Have been considering using the Trio Ostomy ring seal (Silvex or Siltac) ( is there a difference ?). With my ileostomy and colostomy (both reversed) I always used paste or a ring. I know a urostomy eats right through the paste.  I use  the Silex flange extenders from them and really like and have been successful with them. Any different routines would be appreciated, Thanks 





I see the Silvex is convex and the Siltac is flat

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September 11, 2019 10:11 am  
Posted by: @grw

Trio Ostomy ring seal (Silvex or Siltac)

These seals should not dissolve at all, so you may have better luck with them. However, I do know that one issue people have with these products is that they don't stick as well as other barrier rings do. You may need to try it a few times before you can make a final judgment. 

Alternatively, the Coloplast Protective Rings should hold up better than most barrier rings, so I'd also give that a try. 

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September 11, 2019 11:31 am  

The trio seals are an excellent product very durable easy to use and remove and a snug fit.