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About Me

I am a child by heart. I love nature, and the 4 seasons--except the winter lasts to long come March--
I love kids, and my cat. Mr. Poo. We named him years before my Nellie arrived..
People are my passion no what their age.

I am always willing to give to others.

My music tunes? Love the 50-60-70's.. And some so called elevlator music at times :-)

I have 2 sons, (lost 6 babies) I truly enjoy my sons so much!! A gift indeed !!!

As of now, I have been married for 47 years, My husband Tom, is a retired Nuclear power Eng./with his own pains-- he is 77 years old I am 68....... (we flip a quarter---who is going to take care of who days) He travled all around the world and took me a few times with him.. The best was a 5 months trip to Europe. What a beautiful place!! Then the family planning.. Loved being a mom..


My name is "Marcie from Marcella. I now live in Ct. U.S.A.
In April 2014, I became a UNCONSCIOUS "mascot" of Hartford Hospital Ct. I lived in ICU & CCU for 4 & 1/2 Months. arriving with only just one BIG pain..

I had backed up bile, bleeding internally, 3 strangulations of colon, Ulcerative Colitis, C-DIff, viral pneumonia, extermly high fever, 2 months comma, compleat death in May 2014, trek performed for breathing for 3 months, stomach tube for so "they could and I" (when I came home) for feeding. 2 kidney failures.
The tunnel of light of death again in August 2014.

In August 2014, I had compleat removal of colon Dr. said it would be touch and go time as, I was on my way out..(colon went to the medicall school in Ct.) and the arrival of my illiostomacy I named Whooooooooooooo "Nellie" I surived.

I was able to learn how to walk again and the use of my table manners, and use of pen, during a 2 month stay at a nursing home. I did NOT like Nellie at all!! But I learned to change her dress while there. I remained very weak for over a year..

I had my Busted Gull Bladder removed via 3 surgeries August 2016.. (I do it big time don't I?) --that also went to the medical school in Ct.

I am now severely dehydrated the past 3 years and receive 12-14 pounds of fluids via my power port - 3 times a week. So my body can receive the proper fluids they need. - very high out-put -

Although, I have kept 3 hospitals and many ambulances very busy lately, Come this Christmas of 2017, it will be a whole year of no hospitals!!!! And plan to keep it that way!!

I did not know that I was so sick. But I am alive, and enjoying life to it fullest that I took for granted before. I thank Eric for this blog that I found by accident. Your so impressive Eric! And, I thank the many friends I have made here-your kindness, knowledge, and fun at the lounge, We are the only ones that really understand US !!

My very best to your and yours always, Marcie..


RRetired Dental oral surgery, and regular dental Asst..
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