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Hi all,

Just a little tip my husband gave me when I was a brand new colostomate last year to help remind me when I should change my appliance. After putting on a new one, I simply flip the pouch upward and write the date of my next change on the back of the bag. It sure beats writing notes to oneself and forgetting where the notes are!!!

For those who are visually impaired, how do you remind yourself? Do you have audio reminders on your computer or cell phone?


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Nice one Stella, i have seen me trimming a wafer and my wife saying “unless their is something wrong yer not due until tomorrow”

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I count the days I've been wearing the appliance, but it is possible for some of us who can't see to use our smartphones to set a reminder. The iPhone is particularly friendly for visually impaired/blind users. Android works too, but not as well except maybe for higher-end Samsung devices (don't get me started!).

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Pens and Electronics humbug...I just use my nose! Kidding...I tend to write the date on the rim of the coloplast C  shaped tape I put around my wafer. But there are times that my trusty snout (no-not my dogs) says it's time, then I abide!  I was super sensitive to odor from the second I woke in recovery, my first words were "my pouch is leaking!"  The nurse said it was just fine, but I insisted. She took a peek, it had barely leaked, but leaked non the less and left the start of a rash. Dates, a vital part of the planning/changing method. I apologize to newbies because this is something I never think to tell them to do. 


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I used to use the OstoBuddy app to keep track of my appliance changes, but my appliance has been so reliable and consistent that I can't really set a date for changes. Now, I just check my filter and if it seems like moisute has breached it (not a leak, but condensation) , it's time for a change.

I love the idea about writing a date on the bag itself. Genius! 

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I always take a shower when I change my urostomy bag. Before I get in take my old bag off and get in the shower (a glorious time of freedom), I prepare everything for the change. At that time I use a Sharpie to write todays date on the top  forward face of the bag. By doing this ahead of time it allows the ink to dry so it doesn't get on the heating pad I apply for a few minutes after applying the new bag.

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