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Low fat diet and output changes

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In late September, I had a gallbladder attack, and am scheduled for surgery to remove the beast on November 14. Because it was so inflamed, my surgeon wanted to give it some time and a corrective diet to hopefully cool things down. It has worked; my pain is greatly diminished. But here’s what I didn’t expect: the strict low fat diet has made a huge difference to my output, in a positive way. Since my cancer/ostomy surgery in 2015, I have had very loose and frequent output, requiring me to take 4, occasionally 6 Imodium per day. This is odd for a sigmoid colostomy - my output should be very similar to what it was before my surgery. I had always assumed that the radiation was the culprit, because of the timing and because I had other problems related to the radiation (bladder spasms during treatments, and slow healing perineal incision requiring hyperbaric oxygen therapy). Since I have been on this low fat diet, I have taken exactly 2 Imodium, over a 5 week period. Additionally, I have had none of the strong contractions that I usually have with output, as if my body can’t wait to expel its contents. I feel like I’m on the brink of a breakthrough in my search for answers about what the heck is going on. I’m not quite there yet - are my output issues diet or gallbladder related? The next piece in this puzzle will be having my gallbladder removed - whatever happens, I think I’m getting closer to solving this longstanding problem. 

The low fat diet meant that I had to be careful about pilfering Halloween candy! Chocolate has fat in it.?



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Well done ? and best wishes for the 14th?

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A surprise silver lining to an otherwise very difficult situation! I'm glad you found something new to try. The cramping is so unpleasant isn't it? Good luck with your surgery and keep us posted on your progress. I'll be thinking of you.

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Really interesting observation, @tigerlily.

Did you have to eliminate food from your diet, or only added fats?

I wonder if it's the reduction in fat that's helped, or the elimination of certain food, or the fact that your gallbladder isn't excreting the same amount of bile as before (because of the lower fat in the diet)... or all of the above. LOL

Either way, good luck, and please let us know if you discover anything else ? 

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