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Hi from a stoma  


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July 14, 2019 7:18 am  

Hi everyone. Mine name is Squeaky Le Poo. But you can call me Squeaky. I think you guys know my person. Her name is Liza. 🙂

It is confusing being a stoma. One of my earliest memories was being at the hospital and everyone was waiting for me to sing a song. And when I made my first noise, they were all so happy. And when we got home whenever I sing Liza and that husband guy would laugh. They seemed to really like it. So when Liza has to go work at the office, she was nervous so I tried to make her happy by singing her a song. Well she just slapped her hand over me and didn't seem happy at all.😡 

I try to be good when Liza changes her bag. It is hard but I am learning. Can I tell you a secret?  Liza used to have a nurse come 3 days a week to change her vacuum wound dressing and she would change my bag. A couple times before I learned how to hold things in, I would leak during the bag change, and she called me a piece of sh1+.  Well that made Liza defensive of me, which was nice. So then I started leaking on purpose when she was there. Hee hee. 

Thanks for being so nice to Liza!!


Ileostomy 6/18/2018
“May your day be bright and your bag be light.”