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ileostomy seepage

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I have a very runny ileostomy output at certain times of the day, and no matter what barrier ring I use,  a very small amount of my output seeps through onto my skin. 

Its got to the point where I’m changing my bag twice a day and my skin is getting red raw from the constant bag changes. 

My question is :- Is some small amount of output seepage near the stoma to be expected (no matter what barrier I use), or should I be aiming for no leakage at all? 


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Hey EmLou,

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When I take my wafer off, I often check the back side to see what kind of wear or seepage I notice. There is always a little around the hole where the stoma comes in contact with it and that's pretty normal. Does the skin around your stoma look raw or does it get itchy?

Try using an adhesive remover to help with the removal of your wafer - your skin should not be getting raw because of wafer changes (although, you shouldn't be changing it too often like that).

Have you considered using a gelling product to thicken up that loose output? It may help to prevent any seepage.

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hello emlou i think everyones end game is no leakage.... i say that but in reality for myself is that during the day while im moving around and carrying on, i do feel a slight sting or burn from time to time.  i am a recent recipient of an ileostomy and i have been having difficulties from full on catastrophe to small seepage.  if i lay upright on the couch all day yup no leaks! no problem! i try and be productive moving around and i start to have problems.  i also have very runny output trying to use bulking agents to thicken up your output, this helps.  i have been trying to isolate the cause of my leaks and am looking into possibly trying a light convex wafer since my stoma has retracted a wee bit.  all in all i think there are several options to help with seepage, there are several helpful tips on this site and i hope things get better for you! it takes time to figure out im sure your sick of hearing that... but if it makes you feel any better im going through the exact same things and there are a lot of other people in the boat with us! happy troubleshooting!

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I have recently figured out (with lots of help from reading many posts here), that I do better when I use about 1/3 of my Brava protective ring- rolling it into a rope, curving it around the very edge of the wafer opening, making sure it will push out around the edges when pressed on. My ileostomy output is generally total liquid, and I never have perfect skin. I have managed to get down to a very small amoint of erosion, and if it itches or hurts it's time to put on a new wafer. I am now using a gelling agent at night- I sleep better and feel like it helps with wear time. I am also emptying my bag more often...every little thing matters! I also do a post-mortem on my flange when I change it, and constantly tweak my ring placement and thickness to try to make improvements. My goal is for healthy skin and decent wear time, but not perfection.

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THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN TELLING PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND ME and another person here does the same thing.-but as it is not text-it --gets lost?  This type ROPE style gives me just a nicer (extra) convex needed for this problem. And what a peace of mind huh ? Glad u figured this out- I was going to write this to you p.m. tho--but not here as----?. but thought u would not figure out pm. ???? So happy u got it!! Things will get better.. 

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Hi.  This isn't directly related to your issue,  but it may help give you piece of mind. My friend recently became a "pouch member" and I've taken on the role of caregiver / advocate.  On top of his issues is that he now has dialysis 3 times a week and that takes 3 + hours chair time,  not including getting ready for in the morning.   If he lakes during the procedure,  which he has,  they stop everything and he has to leave,  NOT FUN.  I'm trying different products to reinforce the flange for double protection.   One is a surgical, skin friendly tape called HY-TAPE,  or "pink" tape.   Another one is called SURE SEAL, by Active Lifestyles Products.   Only just started using HI-TAPE 2 days ago so I can't really give you an opinion on it.   The other I haven't received yet.   I did Google them, watched videos and such and they both are definitely worth a try!   Hope that helps ?